Roller Boogie

Back in the early 1980's roller skating was huge, in my part of the world at least. I think it started with Roller Boogie, a 1979 film starring Linda Blair (of The Exorcist). Best. Movie. Ever. Okay, maybe not "ever," but pretty freakin' awesome. Roller Boogie was the tale of Terry Barkley (Blair) and Bobby James... Continue Reading →


It's 2 AM and despite extreme fatigue, I can't sleep. What happened-- what's happening-- in Boston dominates my thoughts. My heart goes out to the victims of today's violent bombing, and to everyone in Boston, America, and the world. It's mind-boggling horrific and I'm feeling angry and sad and in knots over it. I write this... Continue Reading →

I Love Lists!

Good morning! I found myself with some rare a.m. time and thought I'd surprise you all with a morning appearance. Surprise! Jess lives and breathes during the day, too! On Friday, I made my first attempt at the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. Today, I give yesterday's Daily Prompt a try. The Prompt is simply... Continue Reading →

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