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WOAW’s What to Watch- Scandal Update! [Spoiler Alert]

I know I’ve been bombarding you with television and movie stuff, but that seems to be what happens with me when the news is bad. I turn to movies and television. Also, the Knicks are on tonight, and my brain is fried, and I wanted to do a quick, easy post, and I really need … Continue reading WOAW’s What to Watch- Scandal Update! [Spoiler Alert]


Going Lite Today- Movie Quote Reveal

A few days ago I posted a list of some favorite movie quotes. You all responded so positively that I’ll do it again sometime. I promise. Now though, in hopes of lightening up your day, I reveal the movies quoted in the prior post. How’d you all score by the way? Was it too easy? … Continue reading Going Lite Today- Movie Quote Reveal

V-Day Treat: Favorite “I Love You” Scenes

In honor of Valentine's Day, I wanted to share some of my favorite "I Love You" scenes.  I picked four out of millions and list them below, in no particular order.  Happy Valentine's Day! 1.  Scarlett and Rhett in Gone With the Wind I've loved Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell, since I read it decades ago … Continue reading V-Day Treat: Favorite “I Love You” Scenes

Week in Review

Highlights and lowlights from my week: First, the lowlights: * It snowed. About five inches in the Trenton, New Jersey area. This meant that I had to dig out snow pants, waterproof gloves, hats, scarves, boots (which I did not have for my older son, so had to improvise). This also meant I had to … Continue reading Week in Review

“Jariana” Madness

As I mentioned previously, I had a few hours to kill on New Year's Eve waiting for midnight. The family had conked out, so I sat on my couch with Ryan Seacrest in the background and played around on my iPad.  I checked email, browsed Amazon, and fired up the Kindle app hoping something I … Continue reading “Jariana” Madness