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Fun “Friends” Trivia- Answers Post

Okay everyone! Just a quick post with Friends Trivia Answers! Let's see how you did: What are Rachel's sisters' names? Jill and Amy Bonus: Who played them? Reese Witherspoon (Jill) and Christina Applegate (Amy) What song does Monica sing when she performs karaoke at Mike's bar? Tanya Tucker's Delta Dawn At which University is Ross a professor? NYU What actor plays … Continue reading Fun “Friends” Trivia- Answers Post


Cave Dwelling with Gobo and Eugene

Greetings, from "the editing cave" where I'm busy revising The Love Square. Here's a list of some things I've learned: I have a lot of "staring" happening. He stared at her, she stared at him, etc. etc. I'm working on it, people. There's no good word for a female half-laugh-- "giggle" sounds too silly and "chuckled" … Continue reading Cave Dwelling with Gobo and Eugene

Fun “Friends” Trivia

After discussing Chandler's job with a friend and procrastinating with a video of Ross screaming "piv-OT" while the crew moved a couch up the stairs, I thought I'd share some fun Friends memories with you in the form of a trivia post. As Friends needs no introduction, I'll jump right in. These vary in difficulty so … Continue reading Fun “Friends” Trivia

Academy Awards Movie Madness- Dallas Buyers Club

It's that time of year again-- awards season! Each year I try to see each of the Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees. Last year I managed to see six out of nine of the nominees and blogged about them. Feel free to check out last year's posts if you are procrastinating or bored. They are … Continue reading Academy Awards Movie Madness- Dallas Buyers Club

Breaking Bad Withdrawal- “Jesse Pinkman Lives” Fan Fiction

I'm not sure about all of you out there in Blogtropolis, but I'm missing Breaking Bad. Yeah, The Walking Dead premiered Sunday night and it was good (not great, in my opinion), but despite TWD, Scandal and my other favorite shows premiering, as well as Knicks preseason, the NFL (including the Jets being better than the Giants so … Continue reading Breaking Bad Withdrawal- “Jesse Pinkman Lives” Fan Fiction

Dear Writers of Breaking Bad and Big Wigs at AMC:

If anything bad happens to Jesse Pinkman at the end of the series I am BANNING your future writing projects and AMC for LIFE. I MEAN IT! Do what you want with the others, but JESSE LIVES. I want to see his hoodie-wearing body riding off into the New Mexican sunset, dammit, or I am … Continue reading Dear Writers of Breaking Bad and Big Wigs at AMC:

Love . . . Exciting and New

Hi Everyone! A week or so ago I was over visiting jhubner73 where his post reviewing Daft Punk's new album mentioned The Love Boat theme song. A comment thread about seventies television shows resulted (crazy comment threads like that happen all the time over there at J.Hub's blog), and again The Love Boat was cited as "crappy 70's … Continue reading Love . . . Exciting and New