If anything bad happens to Jesse Pinkman at the end of the series I am BANNING your future writing projects and AMC for LIFE.


Do what you want with the others, but JESSE LIVES. I want to see his hoodie-wearing body riding off into the New Mexican sunset, dammit, or I am DONE with you. Screw The Walking Dead and Mad Men. DONE.

Let’s send a message Blogtropolis! Who’s with me? We can make a difference! (They still have time to reshoot.)

Say it with me: JESSE PINKMAN LIVES!!!!

That’s all I have for now (I am on lunch hour so ranting time is limited).

Have a nice day.

34 thoughts on “Dear Writers of Breaking Bad and Big Wigs at AMC:

  1. tell us how you really feel Jess! πŸ™‚ I don’t watch the show, as good as I’ve heard it is, not sure I want my son watching it (yes, I’m overprotective) (No, I don’t believe in censorship, but I don’t want T to know that deciding to make/sell drugs is the way to live your life) (feel free to shoot me now cause I don’t watch the show!)


    1. Kate- I would NEVER shoot you down! Do I come off as that type of person? Maybe because I’m from Jersey you think I would do that or maybe just the tone of my defensive rant about Jesse πŸ™‚ . I understand your concerns. I don’t think T would ever “break bad” and turn meth cooker or dealer, since you seem to be doing a great job with him. But I do admit that the show does portray how lucrative the drug industry can be. So I get it!


    1. She lurks in there waiting to attack at the most unimportant times. Here I am rooting for a drug dealer– a FICTIONAL drug dealer– to ride off into the sunset. Priorities, priorities πŸ™‚


    1. Good plan. Binge watching BB is a great idea, because waiting is torture. Also, it’s kind of neat because the whole series (which spanned years in real time) takes place in one year on the show (not sure I explained that well). I think you will enjoy. I don’t know anyone who watched the show who thought it was wasted time. It’s great television.


  2. Jesse, oddly enough, has become the most moral person in the world of Breaking Bad. They won’t kill him off. I feel it in my innards. He will be the key to it all. Just watch. The swing in his character arc has been incredible. What the writers have done with him is unreal.

    If he dies, well I’ll be shocked. Shocked I say!


    1. Are you a betting man, J. Hubs? I, too, feel like somewhere along the line Jesse has become our protagonist. But Jesse’s such a tragic hero. I think they are going to have him commit suicide and then I’m going to WRITE LETTERS and be ANGRY. The writers really are amazing and it’s such a good series. I guess time will tell Jesse’s fate.


      1. If we’re waging Monopoly money I’m all in.

        If Jesse offs himself we’ll both be bombarding Vince Gilligan’s mailbox. That just can’t happen. No way.


      2. I’ll lose my sh*t. VG is supposed to be a speaker at the Austin Film Festival. My friend is thinking of going. I told her that if they kill Jesse I’m going to make her throw eggs at him as he’s speaking.


    1. Okay, I’m going to work on that for you, too! St. Elsewhere! Wow, that’s bringing up the old days. All in favor of a new ending to St. Elsewhere . . .????


      1. That sounds like the best route. And for your comment about my local beach…New Jersey has inlets that are as scenic. You just have to enjoy 58 degree water!


    1. Oh Sweetness, my friend. Okay- here’s the lowdown (no spoilers because you learn all this in the first episode). Walt’s a science teacher who finds out he’s terminally ill with lung cancer. He decides to make meth to make some quick cash for his family since he’s dying anyway. He enlists the help of a former student, Jesse Pinkman, who helps him with the business. Drama ensues. It’s a great series. I hope you get to watch someday (although Rome and Paris is way more fun than television I’d think!). Where are you? Barcelona?


      1. Sounds interesting. Txs for the synopsis. I’ll ban them if they get rid of that Jesse guy.

        We’ll get it here eventually LOL I am home in Montreal … I wish I was in Europe πŸ™‚


      2. Soon enough you’ll be back in Europe. Montreal seems nice too. Of course in comparison to Jersey in August just about everywhere else seems nice.


      3. Thanks. I need all the support I can get. I’m glad you can appreciate that this is a very important matter, even though you haven’t seen the show.


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