Dear Writers of Breaking Bad and Big Wigs at AMC:

If anything bad happens to Jesse Pinkman at the end of the series I am BANNING your future writing projects and AMC for LIFE.


Do what you want with the others, but JESSE LIVES. I want to see his hoodie-wearing body riding off into the New Mexican sunset, dammit, or I am DONE with you. Screw The Walking Dead and Mad Men. DONE.

Let’s send a message Blogtropolis! Who’s with me? We can make a difference! (They still have time to reshoot.)

Say it with me: JESSE PINKMAN LIVES!!!!

That’s all I have for now (I am on lunch hour so ranting time is limited).

Have a nice day.


  1. tell us how you really feel Jess! 🙂 I don’t watch the show, as good as I’ve heard it is, not sure I want my son watching it (yes, I’m overprotective) (No, I don’t believe in censorship, but I don’t want T to know that deciding to make/sell drugs is the way to live your life) (feel free to shoot me now cause I don’t watch the show!)


  2. Jesse, oddly enough, has become the most moral person in the world of Breaking Bad. They won’t kill him off. I feel it in my innards. He will be the key to it all. Just watch. The swing in his character arc has been incredible. What the writers have done with him is unreal.

    If he dies, well I’ll be shocked. Shocked I say!


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