Hi!  It’s me.  I like to write.  🙂



  1. um–do you have time to give a word of advice to another newbie? I started to blog in January, too. But I still haven’t figured out how to “link” things. And how do you invite followers? this is all so exciting and yet I think I am just being excited by myself.


  2. Thank you for choosing this Mad Hatter’s blog. Reading this Mad Hatter’s blog is one of the few hobbies that can furnish both pleasure and profit to the Reader. It brings the Reader to the realm of Silliness where the Reader can gain relaxation and health, as well as into the study of Silly sciences such as Mad Hatting.

    Mad Hatters furnish a form of humour called Silliness that enters the blood stream of the Reader almost immediately – a form of humour particularly adapted to those of already questionable sanity.

    Mad Hatters also produce a substance that can be applied to others known to the Reader by simple transmission – rather like knowledge or venereal disease, although it rarely causes itching or burning sensations, but may, on occasion cause laughter.

    Care for this Mad Hatter’s blog is the same as with other blogs, and requires no special handling. Simply open and read on a regular basis, adding commentary as required.


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