Month: May 2013

Hola! Odds and Ends

Hello Blogtropolis! It has been over a week since my last post and I miss you!  Just some quick odds and ends tonight to keep in touch. Here's a Top Ten of what's on my mind: 1. Work. Work = Blah, Blech, Yuck, Yada Yada. Work really does interfere with life, doesn't it? Enough said. … Continue reading Hola! Odds and Ends


Washing The Dishes-Rewriting

Previously I compared rewriting and editing to washing the dishes. For me, writing that first draft is like enjoying a fine meal. The editing part--washing the dishes. That dreaded task where you realize that the perfect story you created in your head somehow didn't translate so well onto "paper." Your perfect meal resulted in a … Continue reading Washing The Dishes-Rewriting

Sweet you rock and sweet you roll . . .

I'm happy to accept the Super Sweet Blogging Award from some Super Sweet Bloggers! Those who know me know that I LOVE both blogging awards and my sweets. Chocolate especially. And ice cream. And candy. Anything sweet, really. So this award not only delights me, but makes me hungry. As does this picture of cupcakes: … Continue reading Sweet you rock and sweet you roll . . .

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

I'm sure this isn't exactly what The Daily Post had in mind with this week's Weekly Photo Challenge, but I couldn't resist ... THE LAUNDRY MONSTER! You will NEVER escape me! Sure, you may contain me for a day or two, but I am ALWAYS here, lingering, waiting, building up every hour and ready to … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape

The 1% and Disney

Disney has a policy in place for disabled patrons (along with up to six of their guests) to access rides from a "more convenient entrance" and avoid the long wait lines. Disney also offers a personal family tour guide and VIP passes for non-disabled (and presumably disabled) families for $310 to $380 per hour. An … Continue reading The 1% and Disney


Today I had some free time between a school meeting for M. and a work event, so I took a side trip to the Barnes & Noble to check out their supply of grammar books. I ended up purchasing Strunk & White's The Elements of Style, because I felt like I needed to have it on … Continue reading “However”