Month: March 2013

The Rhythm of the Seasons

As my husband drove our family to North Jersey for Easter dinner, we listened to sports radio, a-flutter with news of basketball (both college and the NBA) and opening day for baseball. We chatted that we couldn't believe that baseball was starting up again, and that tomorrow is April. "The rhythm of the seasons," my … Continue reading The Rhythm of the Seasons


Opera Night

Last night, my husband and I put on our fancy pants and headed to the Opera. The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center, New York City to be exact. I know--first Foxwoods, now this. Smoke-filled casinos in Connecticut, to dinner and the opera at Lincoln Center. That's how we roll. [I haven't previously mentioned this, but … Continue reading Opera Night

WOAW Fiction- The Coffee Ban

Below is the beginning of a short story I started writing some time ago. I thought I'd share the first few pages where I introduce the characters to see if you wanted to read more. It's simple-- just my goofy attempt at satire. Hope you enjoy! The Coffee Ban DAY ONE: Columbus, Ohio Sarah watched … Continue reading WOAW Fiction- The Coffee Ban

The Weekend Getaway

HI EVERYONE! I'm back! Home from my weekend getaway with my husband. We had a great time so I thought I'd share some highlights for tonight's post. Where did we go? Well, any local New York Knicks fan around the turn of the millenium could sing along with the commercial that we were forced to listen … Continue reading The Weekend Getaway

Let the Sunshine In!

I'm so happy to accept the Sunshine Award from The (notso) Secret Life of a PhD student.  Based in London, she writes beautiful posts, including this post which I love about why we love to read.  She's also a fan of The Good Wife, Beetlejuice, and milk chocolate, and published an article on Turkish youth called "Why … Continue reading Let the Sunshine In!

2AM Christmas Day

The Daily Post Creative Writing Challenge: 2AM Photo, can be found here. Here's my contribution (fiction, but the pic is mine). Christmas, and this is what his father sends me: It's 2 AM Christmas Day, and this is what his father sends me. As if I don't feel guilty enough. I couldn't help it. I … Continue reading 2AM Christmas Day

São Tomé and Principe

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts on the What's the Answer? post concerning the Steubenville, Ohio rape case.  I will think on your comments and then post a follow-up.  I think it's an important topic and appreciate the conversation. Tonight is a lite-post night.  It's back to the blank world map for another geography lesson courtesy of … Continue reading São Tomé and Principe