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Sweet you rock and sweet you roll . . .

I'm happy to accept the Super Sweet Blogging Award from some Super Sweet Bloggers! Those who know me know that I LOVE both blogging awards and my sweets. Chocolate especially. And ice cream. And candy. Anything sweet, really. So this award not only delights me, but makes me hungry. As does this picture of cupcakes: … Continue reading Sweet you rock and sweet you roll . . .


Let the Sunshine In!

I'm so happy to accept the Sunshine Award from The (notso) Secret Life of a PhD student.  Based in London, she writes beautiful posts, including this post which I love about why we love to read.  She's also a fan of The Good Wife, Beetlejuice, and milk chocolate, and published an article on Turkish youth called "Why … Continue reading Let the Sunshine In!

“Us.” (With a cameo by Cindy Brady . . .)

I had a great weekend.  I got to spend time with my best friend (even though I was driving her to the doctor- she's better now).  My husband cooked me dinner, did the food shopping, and brought flowers home for me.  The kids are healthy and everyone slept through the nights.  I made it to yoga … Continue reading “Us.” (With a cameo by Cindy Brady . . .)