Happy Blog-iversary WOAW!

In January of 2013, I started this blog and wrote a post. I hit “publish” even though I had zero followers and hadn’t invited anyone to read it. Here’s part of what I wrote:

I don’t know where my ideas will come from, or if I will ever even have another one, never mind a decent one. I’m sort of winging it here. My hope is that these words I’m waiting on will magically reveal themselves to me and I’ll have something to share.

For three years I’ve been on and off with Waiting on a Word. This will be my 193rd post, which may sound like a lot, but some bloggers do that in way less time. I’ve been sporadic. I’ve had months where I’ve posted multiple times a week, and times when I’ve gone on months-long hiatuses.

Through it all, I love this blog. I love having my own little corner of the interwebs. I love looking back on my old posts–sometimes cringing but mostly smiling–to relive certain events (like here when my little M. was in the school play; and here about seeing Pearl Jam live), or to see my attempts at fiction (like here when I wrote a little YA snippet), or to remember my mindset at a certain time (like here when I wrote about feeling in a rut). Sometimes I joke around (like here when I wrote about recasting “The Love Boat”) and sometimes I’m serious (like here when I wrote about having a special needs child).

I don’t always know what to write in this space, and sometimes that stresses me out. But I know it’s always waiting on my words for when I’m ready.

So, thanks for letting me share my writing corner and for taking the time to read my posts. Go ahead! Indulge in a piece of blog-iversary cake in honor of WOAW. You deserve it!

FullSizeRender (1)

Happy 3rd Birthday, WOAW! (This is me, Jess).

Have a great rest of your Sunday. 🙂

Just Being- For Now

I sit on my couch and watch the lights twinkle on the Christmas tree. I consider keeping it up all year because taking it down seems like a daunting task. Also, it’s pretty.

Little M., who’s not so little anymore, smiles on the couch next to me, watching the iPad and playing with a toy.

I have to get up and get moving. I’m still in my pajamas (flannel, because it finally got cold last night) and I have a million things to do. A gazillion, actually. I should take the Christmas tree down.

I ask M. “Should we take the Christmas tree down or leave it up?”

“Take it down!” he says.

I try again, for the answer I want. “Should we keep it up?”

“Take it down!”

Sigh. “Maybe later,” I tell him. He smiles a toothy grin that’s too big for his face and I have the urge to squeeze his cheeks.

But I’m writing a post.


It’s another New Year. Another year for the blog. Tomorrow is my three-year blogging anniversary here at Waiting on a Word. I have a plan for a post, but right now I don’t have the time to write it. Those gazillion things parade through my mind. Maybe later.

For now, I only want to sit here and breathe before I have to start the busy day, month, year. Before I have to try, and do, and work, and think, and figure it all out.

Am I lazy? I don’t think so. In a weird way, sitting here with myself (and M.) may be the most brain-active thing I do all day. Soon I’ll start the hustle and bustle and forget about myself. I’ll go to the store, I’ll run with the kids, I’ll get home and make dinner and do more of the things. Not lazy. Not lazy at all.

But for now, while I have the opportunity, I’m taking this moment to do what last night’s fortune cookie suggested:


One of the best things to do sometimes is simply to be.

That’s it for now. Happy New Year to you! I hope 2016 is a good one and you find time to simply be.

[This post was inspired by the Daily Post, Daily PromptWrite Here, Write Now: Write a post entirely in the present tense.]



Love is more than a little complicated…

Happy news! Today I’m excited to share the cover for The Love Square! Here it is…

Love Squared FRONT

And here’s the whole cover…

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000026_00033]

Isn’t it cute? The Limitless team did a great job. Here’s what the back blurb reads:

Clare Davis hates everything about L.A. Well, almost everything…

Accustomed to a small town life in Nebraska, Clare is miserable in her new role as manager of an L.A. bookstore. She yearns to return to the simple life on her family’s farm. That is until she literally runs into up-and-coming movie star Dylan Barnes.

Dylan resents the Hollywood limelight. Awaiting the premiere of his first feature film, it would be nice to meet someone real—just not someone who rear-ends his BMW with her oversized truck. Dylan is instantly attracted to Clare and her Midwestern charm. And as he shows her the wonders of California, Clare can’t resist falling in love with the Golden State and its newest star.

From West Coast to East, friendship and love are equally complicated…

On the East Coast, Dylan’s childhood friend, Alex Popovich, loves his carefree life as a minor league ballplayer. He’s the man-whore of Brooklyn, playing the field in more ways than one. So when real feelings for his best friend erupt, Alex isn’t interested.

A gorgeous ballroom dancer-slash-office worker, Jenna Stecco wants her best friend, Alex, to take a leap from friends to more. Busy having one night stands, Alex is quick to let Jenna go, telling her it’s time to give up lost hopes and move on with life.

Complicated turns full on crazy with a tangled love square…

When Dylan returns to New York City, he meets up with Alex and is introduced to the stunning Jenna. Believing Clare is unavailable and Alex isn’t interested, Dylan and Jenna share a night of passion and embark on a long-distance relationship.

Everyone is thrown by this love square, as Dylan, Jenna, Alex, and Clare struggle with their feelings for each other. When Jenna reveals a secret that will change their lives, all hell breaks loose.

As the love square crumbles, the four friends must find a way to rebuild or risk losing love forever.

More happy news! The Love Square is up for preorder on Amazon. Here are buy links if you think it’s something you may like!

Pre-Order Now:  FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Amazon: http://goo.gl/SuJ7YO

Amazon CA: http://goo.gl/aQN8VJ

Amazon UK: http://goo.gl/NAQj13

Amazon AU: http://goo.gl/gTBuR7

And here’s a link to my newly-created Author Page on Amazon! So exciting!

Of course you can find me on Goodreads,  Twitter, and Facebook.

As always, thanks for your support and for sharing this special time with me!

The Love Square Teaser



Fun “Friends” Trivia- Answers Post

Okay everyone! Just a quick post with Friends Trivia Answers!


Let’s see how you did:

  1. What are Rachel’s sisters’ names? Jill and Amy Bonus: Who played them? Reese Witherspoon (Jill) and Christina Applegate (Amy)
  2. What song does Monica sing when she performs karaoke at Mike’s bar? Tanya Tucker’s Delta Dawn
  3. At which University is Ross a professor? NYU
  4. What actor plays Monica’s boyfriend Richard? Tom Selleck
  5. What is the name of the T.V. show that Joey stars in with a robot? Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.
  6. Which actress plays Phoebe’s birth mom (think Montauk)? Teri Garr
  7. Chandler was trapped in an ATM vestibule. Who was with him? Jill Goodacre
  8. What was Monica’s nickname when she played field hockey? “Big Fat Goalie”
  9. What do Monica’s parents call her? “Har-Monica”
  10. Who did Joey play on Days of our Lives and what was his fate? Dr. Drake Ramorey. He fell down an elevator shaft.
  11. What does WENUS stand for? Weekly Estimated Net Usage System (or Statistics- it changes during the series).
  12. What’s Joey’s favorite food? “Sandwiches”
  13. Which zoo does Marcel get into? San Diego
  14. What was the name of the man who lived under the girls’ apartment? Mr. Heckles
  15. Why was Chandler put in the box? To show Joey how sorry he is for kissing Cathy, Joey’s girlfriend
  16. Who did Ross meet when he went to China, and what did he plan on buying with that person? Ross meets Julie in China and they plan on buying a cat together.
  17. Who played Phoebe’s brother? Giovanni Ribisi
  18. What song does Ross sing to baby Emma to make her laugh? Baby Got Back, by Sir Mix-A-Lot
  19. Which character has a third nipple? Chandler (he calls it a “nubbin”)
  20. What song does Ross dedicate to Rachel on the radio? With or Without You, by U2.

I hope you enjoyed taking this trip down memory lane! How’d you do?

Have a great rest of your Sunday. Thanks for playing along 🙂

[Picture: http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMTg4NzEyNzQ5OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNTY3NDg4._V1._CR24,0,293,443_SX214_AL_.jpg]


Cave Dwelling with Gobo and Eugene

Greetings, from “the editing cave” where I’m busy revising The Love Square. Here’s a list of some things I’ve learned:

  1. I have a lot of “staring” happening. He stared at her, she stared at him, etc. etc. I’m working on it, people.
  2. There’s no good word for a female half-laugh– “giggle” sounds too silly and “chuckled” sounds like something an old man would do. “Stifled a laugh” works sometimes. “Scoffed” seems weird. Hopefully you can help me out with this. Anyone?
  3. Before submitting my manuscript for publishing, I went through and took out all of my seemingly unnecessary commas. However, my editor has been adding many of the deleted commas back in. I’m never going to understand commas. Still, love, them, though, and, don’t, care.
  4. I could spend the rest of my life editing this manuscript. In the beginning, I found myself re-starting at page one every night and finding something to change or add or subtract each time. I had to cut myself off and keep the wheels moving forward.
  5. I like editing. It’s nice to get lost in your story and your characters in such an in-depth way. During NaNo and while writing that first draft, I tend to spit out the words just to get them on the page. With editing, the real writing tools come out and you can apply things you’ve learned. Every sentence receives your undivided attention.

So that’s where I am. Muddling through, hoping to make it better with each pass. Is it Hemingway? No. Is it the best book I’m ever going to write? Probably not. I hope to learn more and more as I progress down this path. Still, I’m confident it’s a good contemporary love story that’s worth the reader’s time.

Onto something irrelevantly relevant. Who remembers Fraggle Rock?


Ah, the Fraggles! Weren’t they the greatest? My kids have the first season on DVD. The coolest thing about the DVD set is that it comes with a replica of Jim Henson’s notebook, dated April 3, 1981, with his thoughts while developing Fraggle Rock.

This discovery (we’ve had the DVD set for years and I had no idea the replica notebook was included) made me so freaking happy. Look at some sample pics:

It’s his actual notes!

Now, look at all those scribbles. Back in ’81 before the days of Word, this was how editing was done, I guess. I love that he used a notebook like this to scribble his “concept for an international children’s television show” called: “The Woozle Show or Woozle World or The World of Woozles or Woozle-Woozle!”

In the notebook he describes his idea for Doc (“the old codger is warm and lovable but you probably wouldn’t call him bright”), Sprocket the dog (“The Dog, whose name is George, is of course a Muppet . . . the Woozles drive him crazy”), and obviously, the “Woozles” (“Woozles are pretty wacky, have a lot of energy, and when all else fails, somebody shouts “Let’s sing about it!” and they do”).

But I think the best part of the notebook is when JH describes the meaning of the show:

Our first job is to make this world a lot of fun to visit. It is a high energy raucous musical romp. It’s a lot of silliness. It’s wonderful.

However, the second thing that we’re doing with this show is saying something. The show has a direction and a point of view. This will be beneath the surface, and if anybody becomes very aware of it, we will have missed.

What the show is really about is people getting along with people, and understanding the delicate balances of the natural world . . . . We will make the point that everything affects everything else, and that there is a beauty and harmony of life to be appreciated.

I just love that– “A beauty and harmony of life to be appreciated.”

I also appreciated reading the notes in Jim Henson’s handwriting, with scribbled out words and added carets and other editing marks. For example, in the quote above when he writes “we will have missed,” originally his notes said, “we will have failed.” He crossed out the “failed” and opted for “missed.” I think that says a lot, don’t you?

As for Fraggle Rock , in my opinion, it succeeded in its mission. I enjoy watching it now as much as I did as a kid. It transcends generations for exactly the reasons that JH contemplated–on the surface it’s funny and high energy, but underneath are subtle undertones that resonate without overwhelming the viewer.

While Fraggles are lovable and silly and fun, unfortunately there’s an opposite end of that spectrum. His name is Eugene Peppermint and HE’S BACK:


He’s creepy and weird and not one bit of fun. He is the anti-Fraggle (I do think he’s happy to be free of my underwear drawer though).

Of course I forgot he was supposed to come out yesterday. I thought maybe the kids wouldn’t care. After all, last year we had a conversation about how parents move the elf with Christmas magic.

No such luck. Either the kids forgot about that conversation, didn’t understand what we were saying, or chose to ignore it in light of the miracle of the holidays. Meh. Here’s to hoping this year is Eugene’s last hurrah. In the meantime, I’ll suffer through another season of the dumbest thing ever invented. 🙂

And that’s the news from my camp here in NJ. Next up on WOAW: Answers to Friends trivia! As always, thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your November.

Fun “Friends” Trivia

After discussing Chandler’s job with a friend and procrastinating with a video of Ross screaming “piv-OT” while the crew moved a couch up the stairs, I thought I’d share some fun Friends memories with you in the form of a trivia post.

As Friends needs no introduction, I’ll jump right in. These vary in difficulty so there should be at least one you know. If not, Friends is on Netflix, so get watching!

    1. What are Rachel’s sisters’ names? Bonus: Who played them?
    2. What song does Monica sing when she performs karaoke at Mike’s bar?
    3. At which University is Ross a professor?
    4. What actor plays Monica’s boyfriend Richard?
    5. What is the name of the T.V. show that Joey stars in with a robot?
    6. Which actress plays Phoebe’s birth mom (Hint: think Montauk)?
    7. Chandler was trapped in an ATM vestibule. Who was with him?
    8. What was Monica’s nickname when she played field hockey?
    9. What do Monica’s parents call her?
    10. Who did Joey play on Days of our Lives and what was his fate?
    11. What does WENUS stand for?
    12. What’s Joey’s favorite food?
    13. Which zoo does Marcel get into?
    14. What was the name of the man who lived under the girls’ apartment?
    15. Why was Chandler put in the box?
    16. Who did Ross meet when he went to China, and what did he plan on buying with that person?
    17. Who played Phoebe’s brother?
    18. What song does Ross sing to baby Emma to make her laugh?
    19. Which character has a third nipple?
    20. What song does Ross dedicate to Rachel on the radio?

I hope you enjoyed taking this trip down television memory lane. Answers will be posted soon!

Special thanks to Nicole over at Mommy&Everything blog and Lauren, a certified television expert, for contributing questions.

(Picture from: http://cdn.buzznet.com/assets/imgx/2/1/0/6/4/3/8/0/large-21064380.jpg)

Birth of an American Gigolo

Hi Blogtropolis! I knew that title would catch your eye! If that alone didn’t spark your interest, I’m sure this will:

An old party girl turned domestic diva, infuriated by her husband’s cheating–and his holier-than-thou, tree-hugging, no-tits and no-hips girlfriend–inflicts her wrath by training a local boy in the fine art of seduction. She and her new boy toy turned love god, start a gigolo business as a distraction for the neglected and mistreated housewives of Alabaster Cove.

This is Birth of an American Gigolo, by Deek Rhew. But wait. There’s more.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I’ve been a bit cover-obsessed recently. Well, I am green with cover-envy over this one:

Birth of an American Gigolo_Deek Rhew_Cover

I’m psyched to read Deek’s story. It sounds right up my alley–old party girls, seduction, boy toys gigolos–all tucked into this awesome cover. To add to the fun, Deek  (as quoted by amazing author Erin Rhew) “cleverly balances the darkness of his stories with humor, and his style is a unique blend of literary and commercial that I’ve never seen before. You’re in for a treat, my friends.”

“Birth” will be available on Amazon and other eRetailers early 2016! Be sure to add it to your Goodreads TBR list!

Birth of an American Gigolo_Deek Rhew_Author Photo

Deek Rhew, Author

Deek lives in a rainy pocket in the Pacific Northwest with his stunning YA author bride, Erin Rhew, and their writing assistant, a fat tabby named Trinity. They enjoy lingering in the mornings, and often late into the night, caught up in Erin’s fantastic fantasy worlds of noble princes and knights, and entwined in Deek’s dark underworld of the FBI and drug lords. His first full-lengthed novel 122 Rules releases with Pandamoon Publishing in 2016.

Deek and Erin enjoy spending time with friends, running, boxing, lifting weights, eating popcorn, drinking Coke Zero, and living life to the fullest.

Find Deek online:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DeekRhewBooks

Twiter: https://twitter.com/DeekRhewBooks

Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DeekRhewBooks/posts

Deek’s Rhewminations (his blog): http://blog.deekrhewbooks.com/

Thanks for reading and sharing in this reveal with me! I hope you give the book a try!