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Back to the Blog- Summer Recap

A long, shrill, continuous beep . . . a flatline . . . Get the cart! Plug in the paddles!  Rubs paddles together and places them on WOAW's metaphorical chest . . . All clear! Jess yells, as she shocks her blog alive. A quick blip . . . then another . . . LIFE! … Continue reading Back to the Blog- Summer Recap


Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire

Today’s Daily Prompt from The Daily Post reads: What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it? You can see the prompt and links to other responses here. I read this one and immediately thought of all the nonsense I tell the kids, from Santa seeing their every move, to babies coming out … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire

A Quick Post on the Daily Prompt

The Daily Post's Daily Prompt today is "Smell You Later." You can see the post here. The prompt is: Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you. This one came to me easily.  The smell of Biolage shampoo transports me to the summer of 1990. I didn't realize that … Continue reading A Quick Post on the Daily Prompt

What’s Up, Blogtropolis??!!!

HI EVERYONE! I've missed being here on WordPress!  In fact, I feel like everything has changed here-- there must have been some sort of update because my "Add New Post" screen that I'm looking at as I type this looks so faaannnncy schmancy!  Different font, updated look. It's so pretty and easy on the eyes. … Continue reading What’s Up, Blogtropolis??!!!


The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is to show "Companionable."  You can see the post (and cute pictures of dogs) here. That's JC and M. playing with the hose in our backyard. We had two kids so that they would have each other. Though they share the same blood, they are as different as day and … Continue reading Companionable

100th Post!

After starting this blog with a sprint from the starting line on January 3, 2013, I now crawl over the 100 post milestone, almost six months later. So what have I learned from blogging? Well, I've read that most blogs die around six months. I've definitely slowed down, but I'm not dead by far. I … Continue reading 100th Post!