Dad’s “Magic”- A Guest Post by Linda (My Mom)

Hi Everyone! I'm still busy NaNo-ing. So far I'm doing well and I'm on track to finish. "Embracing the suck," as they say.  In the meantime, WOAW keeps chugging along with a guest post by my mother, Linda.  You may recall that I wrote this post about my grandfather, my Gido.  That's my mom's dad.... Continue Reading →

A Quick Post on the Daily Prompt

The Daily Post's Daily Prompt today is "Smell You Later." You can see the post here. The prompt is: Humans have very strong scent memory. Tell us about a smell that transports you. This one came to me easily.  The smell of Biolage shampoo transports me to the summer of 1990. I didn't realize that... Continue Reading →

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