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Pour Some Sugar

On the way to work today, Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" played on the radio. That song always jets me back to high school at warp speed. I sang along in the van. "Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on. Living like a lover with a red owwf on." Wait. … Continue reading Pour Some Sugar


Academy Awards Movie Madness- Dallas Buyers Club

It's that time of year again-- awards season! Each year I try to see each of the Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees. Last year I managed to see six out of nine of the nominees and blogged about them. Feel free to check out last year's posts if you are procrastinating or bored. They are … Continue reading Academy Awards Movie Madness- Dallas Buyers Club

NaNo Update and The Daily Prompt

Hi Everyone! Well, I'm still chugging along with my word count for National Novel Writing Month but wanted to take some time out to post an update. My problem now seems to be that my NaNo story is going in a totally different direction than I'd planned. If "characters drive plot" then my characters are … Continue reading NaNo Update and The Daily Prompt

Pearl Jam: Hartford, Connecticut

I wanted to tell you all about my AWESOME weekend but I have to disclose that it's 10:42 p.m. exactly as I type this first sentence-- which is late for an old lady like me, so we'll see how it goes. You may run into typos and terrible grammar, but I'm just going to barf … Continue reading Pearl Jam: Hartford, Connecticut

What’s Up, Blogtropolis??!!!

HI EVERYONE! I've missed being here on WordPress! ¬†In fact, I feel like everything has changed here-- there must have been some sort of update because my "Add New Post" screen that I'm looking at as I type this looks so faaannnncy schmancy! ¬†Different font, updated look. It's so pretty and easy on the eyes. … Continue reading What’s Up, Blogtropolis??!!!

Friday Fun with 80’s Lyrics Trivia!

Hi All! After a stressful blogging week and loooong work week, I thought we could celebrate Friday by having some fun with 80's lyrics trivia. Can you figure out these songs without the "hints"? Enjoy! 1. How long has it been since you took your love away? (Note: This song, while recorded in the eighties … Continue reading Friday Fun with 80’s Lyrics Trivia!