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Pour Some Sugar

On the way to work today, Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me" played on the radio. That song always jets me back to high school at warp speed. I sang along in the van. "Love is like a bomb, baby, c'mon get it on. Living like a lover with a red owwf on." Wait. … Continue reading Pour Some Sugar


80’s Lyrics Reveal

Hi Everyone! On Friday I attempted a lyrics trivia post and learned something about all of you. You're just not that into it. You liked the movie trivia post. Maybe this one was too difficult? I forget how easy things are when I know the answers, haha. Or can it be that I'm the only … Continue reading 80’s Lyrics Reveal

Friday Fun with 80’s Lyrics Trivia!

Hi All! After a stressful blogging week and loooong work week, I thought we could celebrate Friday by having some fun with 80's lyrics trivia. Can you figure out these songs without the "hints"? Enjoy! 1. How long has it been since you took your love away? (Note: This song, while recorded in the eighties … Continue reading Friday Fun with 80’s Lyrics Trivia!

Roller Boogie

Back in the early 1980's roller skating was huge, in my part of the world at least. I think it started with Roller Boogie, a 1979 film starring Linda Blair (of The Exorcist). Best. Movie. Ever. Okay, maybe not "ever," but pretty freakin' awesome. Roller Boogie was the tale of Terry Barkley (Blair) and Bobby James … Continue reading Roller Boogie

Modern Conveniences

Back in February of 1996, my then-future husband attempted to win my affections by making me a mix tape.  That's how we rolled back in the twentieth century.  The mix tape was invincible as a tool for wooing a girlfriend.  Obviously, it worked on me.  I still have that mix tape. Here's a pic: I … Continue reading Modern Conveniences