Hi All!

After a stressful blogging week and loooong work week, I thought we could celebrate Friday by having some fun with 80’s lyrics trivia. Can you figure out these songs without the “hints”? Enjoy!

1. How long has it been since you took your love away? (Note: This song, while recorded in the eighties actually hit the charts in 1990).

2. How tall was the muscled man who you asked if he speak-a your language?

3. Who has a cherry ice cream smile?

4. What is ALL I want to say to you?

5. Who is always Mister Right?

6. What do you do if you wanna make the world a better place?

7. What’s the long history of that real tough cookie?

8. If your colors were like my dream, what colors would they be?

9. You could take me to hell and back just as long as . . . what?

10. Where does Gina work all day?

How’d you do? Was that too difficult? If not, congrats! Pat yourself on the back. You know your 80’s music. If you are stuck, try again with these hints (corresponding to the numbers above):

1. Since you’ve been gone I can do whatever I want . . .

2. Can you hear the thunder?

3. . . . I suppose it’s very nice.

4. Their innocence will pull me through.

5. Some boys beg . . .

6. No message could have been any clearer.

7. Notch in my lipstick case.

8. You come and go.

9. Part-time love just brings me down.

10. Tommy whispers, “Baby it’s okay…. Someday.”

Did that help? Let me know which of the songs stays stuck in your head all weekend, MWAH-HAHAHAHA (that’s my evil laugh). Have a nice night.

Day 2- for those still stumped see comments for more clues!

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun with 80’s Lyrics Trivia!

  1. Ouch. You got me on this one. During the 80’s I was at that awkward age… raising three young boys. I remember work. I remember diapers. I remember Thundercats and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Was there music in the 80’s, really?


    1. Maybe it was too difficult. Okay here are the groups that coincide to each clue.

      1. Sinead O’Connor
      2. Men at Work
      3. Duran Duran
      4. The Police
      5. Madonna
      6. Michael Jackson
      7. Pat Benatar
      8. Culture Club
      9. Wham!
      10. Bon Jovi


      1. Ok, that was a surprise. The clues were perfectly good and, in retrospect obvious, but I could only get Men at Work, Culture Club, and Wham! I even owned the Police and Sinead O’Connor and still. You’re a tricky one, Miss Jess.


  2. Maybe if I had taken the quiz on Friday, instead of waiting until Monday morning I might have done better! LOL. I got about half of them… but you should have seen me – mouthing the words, coming up with the tune and then singing the chorus! Good thing I’m alone! It was number 7 before I realized what I was doing! 🙂


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