While stopped at a light on my evening commute, this happened:

The splatter sound of the bird poop was almost as bad as seeing the poop smeared down the window. I thought someone threw something at the van.

Yep, that’s bird poop. I immediately thought of all of you (no offense) and wondered how I could relate the disgusting Trenton bird poop incident to my day for your blog reading entertainment.

As I mentally drafted my post, I wallowed in word play about my “shitty” day and being “shit on” at work. I thought about possibly relating the incident to MotherJam’s post about Edith Bunker (don’t ask– just click the link and read through the pages of the post for yourself). Then guess what happened?

It rained! A downpour, in fact.

Yay! I thought. The poop will wash away! Then seeing the bigger picture, I realized that I didn’t have to wallow in thoughts of my work day! I was on my way home to my family! (Sort of. I was really on my way to M.’s occupational therapy appointment, but you get my drift). With this new rainfall chipping away at the stubborn bird poop (I couldn’t help but wonder what those Trenton birds were eating), the draft post in my head morphed into posting about how no matter how much we get shit on, something always comes along to clean us off. In this case, the rain was more useful than the sun.

But wait– is rain really a positive thing? Maybe the post I was searching for was one about degrees of shittiness. Wouldn’t the rain be less shitty than the bird poop, but still someplace on the scale of crappiness? What angle would work to turn the events of my commute into a thought-provoking post? How could I turn this incident into a metaphor on life?

Well, the answer is that I can’t. So I leave you with a picture of bird poop and these words of wisdom:

Welcome the rain– it washes away the poop.

That stinks. Okay, how about this?

The Universe will find a way to wash off the poop that was your day.

Well, at least that rhymes. I wonder if Robert Frost had these issues…

Perhaps I will leave it to you to come up with a bird poop/rain downpour metaphor for life in my comments. It would be much appreciated.

Have a nice night!

8 thoughts on “Rain and Poop

  1. Back when I was a contributing member of the work force I had a challenging job where my colleagues and i were always getting dumped on. But the people doing the dumping (our immediate superiors) seemed so grateful! As if we were a port-a-potty in the woods, people were so happy to see us and yet it didn’t prevent them from dumping their crap on us.


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