Asteroids and Space Junk: The Countdown Begins!

Did anybody read this article from CNN last week: “Big asteroid buzzes past Earth and will again”? Apparently, while our own NASA was shutdown thanks to Congress, Ukranian astronomers discovered an asteroid which they named “2013 TV135. Called “one of the most dangerous asteroids on record,” this big guy “zipped close by Earth last month.”... Continue Reading →

Belated Thoughts on World Autism Awareness Day

Yesterday, April 2, was World Autism Awareness Day, a day where we "recommit to helping individuals on the autism spectrum reach their full potential," according to President Obama in yesterday's Presidential Proclamation. I wasn't sure what, if anything I wanted to say about World Autism Awareness Day as a parent of a special needs child.... Continue Reading →

São Tomé and Principe

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts on the What's the Answer? post concerning the Steubenville, Ohio rape case.  I will think on your comments and then post a follow-up.  I think it's an important topic and appreciate the conversation. Tonight is a lite-post night.  It's back to the blank world map for another geography lesson courtesy of... Continue Reading →

M. the Ripper

As I've mentioned previously, my son M. has autism. I'm in Holland instead of Italy, and life is definitely interesting here. One of M.'s challenges with living in our world concerns his sensory processing. Here's my parental, non-medically trained, limited knowledge on the subject:  With typical people, when we invoke our senses by seeing, hearing,... Continue Reading →

Where in the World?

Lesotho, Benin, Bhutan. Do you know what these words represent? I wouldn't either prior to my internet search today. They are countries. Yep. Real countries on Earth, not fictional countries in the Star Wars galaxy. Lesotho is a country in the southern portion of Africa with a beautiful landscape, according to Over two million... Continue Reading →

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