A few years ago I received a thank you gift for helping to organize a writing conference. It’s a jar, with little rolled up papers in it. Each paper has a writing prompt. Here’s a pic…

Cute right? In an effort to make my fingers work and type something… anything… I’m going to grab one of these, unroll it, and force myself to write a few paragraphs about it. In theory, I’d like to do a prompt a day. We’ll see how that works out.

Ready? (The excitement never ends here at WOAW haha).

Well, about ten minutes and one band-aid later (opening that little scroll required some handiwork involving scissors), here’s what I got:

Describe a character using the kind of language you’d normally use to describe food.

Obviously, this a prime romance writer stuff, but I do like to keep things G-rated here. I will, however, take this opportunity to plug my own book, MAPLE SUMMER WALLACE (which is not a romance, by the way). (If you’re so inclined, feel free to join in with the prompt on your own blog, or in the comments below!)

Bite into Maple Summer Wallace, and you’ll be crunching through a hard shell. She’s crisp and tough. But once you get past that shell, you’ll be overwhelmed by the mixture of her flavors. First, you’ll catch a taste of her spiciness. Hot, peppery, and more than a bit salty, Maple will overwhelm your senses, and you’ll wonder, what exactly is she? You won’t know for yourself until you work through those outer layers and reach her inner core, to the mushy sweetness she tries to hide.

Here’s Maple’s back cover blurb, if I’ve piqued your interested:

After learning she has only six months to live, twenty-two-year-old socialite, Maple Summer Wallace, plans to spend her remaining time hanging over a roulette table in Vegas and squandering her family’s fortune. Her plan takes a wrong turn when she finds Veronica, her twenty-year-old housekeeper and daughter of her beloved nanny, Lola, hovering over the dead body of octogenarian Randolph Brentwood, the fifth richest man in the world.

Maple, hardened from her own personal loss, resists involvement until she learns that Veronica is pregnant with Lola’s grandchild, an heir to the Brentwood estate. To make good on an old promise, Maple vows to help Veronica. With the assistance of Michael, a handsome and savvy PI, they journey up and down the East Coast, dodging the authorities, a shady lawyer, a cold-hearted hit man, and the powerful widow, Mrs. Brentwood. As Maple’s bitterness about spending her last days saving Veronica dissipates and her friendship with Michael develops, she realizes that on the way to death, she’s found something she’s never had—life.

And here’s an Amazon link, if you want to read more…

Thanks for reading! I promise I won’t plug my books for every prompt. Take care everyone! ‘Til next time…

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