Month: June 2013


The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is to show "Companionable."  You can see the post (and cute pictures of dogs) here. That's JC and M. playing with the hose in our backyard. We had two kids so that they would have each other. Though they share the same blood, they are as different as day and … Continue reading Companionable


Picky Eaters

Is your kid the kid who won't eat at the picnic because he doesn't like hot dogs? Who refuses the pizza at the pizza party? Who has a diet that resembles a supermodel? Welcome to the club! I have a kid like that too. JC didn't start off as a picky eater. In the highchair … Continue reading Picky Eaters

100th Post!

After starting this blog with a sprint from the starting line on January 3, 2013, I now crawl over the 100 post milestone, almost six months later. So what have I learned from blogging? Well, I've read that most blogs die around six months. I've definitely slowed down, but I'm not dead by far. I … Continue reading 100th Post!

Rain and Poop

While stopped at a light on my evening commute, this happened: Yep, that's bird poop. I immediately thought of all of you (no offense) and wondered how I could relate the disgusting Trenton bird poop incident to my day for your blog reading entertainment. As I mentally drafted my post, I wallowed in word play … Continue reading Rain and Poop

Just Checking In . . .

I've been thinking about my 100th post for the past twenty posts, but I can't quite seem to make it over that finish line! This is post number 98 I believe, and I haven't posted since Saturday's quick pic from JC's swim lesson. I can read your minds. You're thinking, What is going on over … Continue reading Just Checking In . . .

“Yeah Blue, I’ve Got Two!”

This week my soon-to-be eight-year-old son M. performed in his school play. About a month or two ago we started getting handouts with song lyrics and dates and scripts. A quick review of the script revealed a line highlighted in blue for M. to practice.  Our M., who has autism, had a speaking part! He … Continue reading “Yeah Blue, I’ve Got Two!”