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My First Writers’ Conference- NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book Conference

This past weekend, I had the good sense to attend the New Jersey Romance Writers Annual Put Your Heart In A Book Conference (click HERE for link). Two days of writerly information on the craft and the industry of romance writing! Thought I'd share a little summary. On Friday morning, I attended an editing workshop … Continue reading My First Writers’ Conference- NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book Conference


NaNo Update and The Daily Prompt

Hi Everyone! Well, I'm still chugging along with my word count for National Novel Writing Month but wanted to take some time out to post an update. My problem now seems to be that my NaNo story is going in a totally different direction than I'd planned. If "characters drive plot" then my characters are … Continue reading NaNo Update and The Daily Prompt

Just Checking In . . .

I've been thinking about my 100th post for the past twenty posts, but I can't quite seem to make it over that finish line! This is post number 98 I believe, and I haven't posted since Saturday's quick pic from JC's swim lesson. I can read your minds. You're thinking, What is going on over … Continue reading Just Checking In . . .

Washing The Dishes-Rewriting

Previously I compared rewriting and editing to washing the dishes. For me, writing that first draft is like enjoying a fine meal. The editing part--washing the dishes. That dreaded task where you realize that the perfect story you created in your head somehow didn't translate so well onto "paper." Your perfect meal resulted in a … Continue reading Washing The Dishes-Rewriting

“Me” Time- Writing

The time: Nine p.m. The place: my couch. My butt: comfortably plopped. My company: none. I exhale. Ahhhhh! It's the only time of day that I actually can choose what I want to do. No demanding job, no demanding kids. Guess what time it is, Blogtropolis? It's "Me" Time. Woo-hoo! On a good night, "me" … Continue reading “Me” Time- Writing