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Weekend Chatter

Happy Sunday Everyone! I type this post while watching the second quarter of the Cowboys-Giants game (DVR'ing Breaking Bad-- decisions, decisions). I love watching a good football game, especially when it's not a Jets game. My poor husband, a lifelong Jets fan, suffers season after season watching the Jets. Sometimes there's cursing and yelling involved. … Continue reading Weekend Chatter


100th Post!

After starting this blog with a sprint from the starting line on January 3, 2013, I now crawl over the 100 post milestone, almost six months later. So what have I learned from blogging? Well, I've read that most blogs die around six months. I've definitely slowed down, but I'm not dead by far. I … Continue reading 100th Post!

Hola! Odds and Ends

Hello Blogtropolis! It has been over a week since my last post and I miss you!  Just some quick odds and ends tonight to keep in touch. Here's a Top Ten of what's on my mind: 1. Work. Work = Blah, Blech, Yuck, Yada Yada. Work really does interfere with life, doesn't it? Enough said. … Continue reading Hola! Odds and Ends

Yoga Adventures: My Yoga Crush and The Return of The Giggle Girl

A little backstory before I get to this week's Yoga Adventures. One recent Friday I was off of work and decided to take a weekday yoga class. Ah! What a luxury! I knew there would be less people-- maybe some stay-at-home parents and some retirees-- which would mean space. Space that extended a foot or … Continue reading Yoga Adventures: My Yoga Crush and The Return of The Giggle Girl

Giggle Girl

As you all know, I try to attend yoga class twice a week. My yoga classes are held at a gym-- a regular gym with rows of treadmills and ellipticals, a basketball and racquetball court, and even a "Cardio Cinema" (Basically, it's a movie theater that substitutes cardio machines for seats. Ingenious.). The good thing … Continue reading Giggle Girl

Back into the Groove . . .

Tonight I attempt to get back into the blogging groove with a short, simple post.  Thanks for coming back. I'm immersed again in my yoga book:  The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice, by T.K.V. Desikachar, and wanted to share.  Here's a verse I found in the "Yoganjalisaram" section: Respect parents, avoid evil, seek … Continue reading Back into the Groove . . .

Adam Levine, Chicken Wings, and Yoga

On Saturday, M. and I ventured on our weekly food shopping journey to Whole Foods.  My husband requested wings for Superbowl Sunday and Whole Foods was having a sale, so M. and I did our shopping, then grabbed a bucket and filled it up with three different types of chicken wings. M. and I were … Continue reading Adam Levine, Chicken Wings, and Yoga