Hello Blogtropolis! It has been over a week since my last post and I miss you!  Just some quick odds and ends tonight to keep in touch.

Here’s a Top Ten of what’s on my mind:

1. Work. Work = Blah, Blech, Yuck, Yada Yada. Work really does interfere with life, doesn’t it? Enough said.

2. Writing. Angela and I are busy meeting a deadline for submitting a screenplay to a film festival (sounds fancy, I know). Edits, rewrites, etc. need to be completed by Friday. She has done a lot of work on the project and now I’m up to the plate, hoping not to strike out! I’m also super jealous that she’s enjoying Cali for a few days and I am stuck at work (see # 1, above) in Trenton. We compared our outdoor views today via text pics and I’ll let you guess who had the better view. I’m also working on a rewrite of one of my own projects.

3. I am going to be “sick” tomorrow (see #1) and spending the day at The Philadelphia Zoo with sixty third graders in 92 degree heat. I had hoped to sign the permission slip for this trip and kiss the kid goodbye on zoo day with his disposable lunch and some money for the gift shop, but he looked at me with those big brown eyes and asked me to chaperone “like the other moms,” so how could I say no? I anticipate a headache and a sunburn tomorrow night.

4. Special thanks to my friend Lauren for introducing me to Gossip Girl. By “thank you” I actually mean “thanks a lot for spearheading a crack-like addiction.” I am sucked into the drama in the middle of Season One and obsessed with Serena van der Woodsen  (Blake Lively) with her beautiful hair and complicated love life, and the grungy Brooklyn art gallery dad Rufus (Matthew Settle) who is like the coolest dad ever, and the almost-too-pretty-to-look-at Chace Crawford. Being in the middle of not one, but two writing projects is not conducive to a growing Gossip Girl addiction. Damn you Netflix, for being so awesome! Lauren and Netflix did this to me once before with Friday Night Lights and I ended up watching five seasons in about three months (“Texas Forever”) and fell in love with Taylor Kitsch. Now it’s starting again. While I’m on the topic, ready fans?  Tim Riggins vs. Nate Archibald.  GO!

Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch)
Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford)

5. Father Handsome. Speaking of crushes, my mother and I have an inappropriate crush on a priest who she has deemed “Father Handsome.” Father Handsome said mass Sunday which prompted me to spend $1.99 to download The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough onto my Kindle. I remember watching the miniseries on television in 1983 and I think I’ve read the book before but I’m going to read it again now as an adult. Any fans?

6. Tornadoes suck. Thoughts and prayers to those in Oklahoma. I can’t believe the pictures and news I’m reading. Is there anything that can be done to prevent disasters like these? Mother Nature can’t be tamed or brought to justice. We are all at Her mercy.

7. NBA Playoffs. The Knicks are out but the Pacers-Heat matchup is turning into an interesting series (tied at 2-2). Does anyone else find sports way more enjoyable when you don’t really care who wins? It’s so stress-free.  A totally different experience. It’s also quieter since my husband isn’t cursing at the television.

8. I found out that Chaturanga Man, (you remember my yoga instructor, yes?) is a pharmacist. This discovery weirded me out a bit. Does it make sense? On Sunday he wore a shirt that displayed three words. The first two words were “Karma” and “Dharma,” but the third word was hidden, bunched around his waist area. I would have died if it said “Pharma,” but it didn’t. It said “Zen.” I would look for a pic of the shirt and post it but I don’t want WordPress to have a freak out and shut me down.

9. Is anybody following this Mexico Mom Drug Bust story? This devout Mormon woman (a mom of seven) goes to Mexico for a funeral and gets on the bus to come home and the bus gets stopped by Mexican authorities who find twelve pounds of marijuana under her seat. She claims she was set up and surmises that the authorities wanted to bribe her. In fact, according to the news report the authorities told the woman and her husband that $5000 would secure her freedom, but when the husband scrapped together the money the woman was not released– they claimed she’d been transferred to another jail. I think I believe her story. Am I nuts?

10. Apologies for my WordPress absence. I haven’t posted or read my followed blogs recently but as soon as I get these projects moving, I’ll be back! Be on the lookout for my next post which I think is going to be about The Love Boat. Yep, that Love Boat.

Have a nice night!

(Pics:  Taylor, http://www.ourbestbites.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/tim-riggins.jpg; Chace, http://amumag.com/images/2013/02/Chace-Crawford-photo.jpg )

14 thoughts on “Hola! Odds and Ends

  1. #5… yes to both – loved the miniseries and read the book. Never had a personal Father Handsome, but it made me want to have one… which is probably really inappropriate, but there it is. 🙂 And your #4 made me laugh: “Thanks a lot for spearheading a crack-like addiction.” Netflix and my best friend do that to me a lot – (Except I’m a big nerd, so it’s Dr. Who and Sherlock. And MI-5… and maybe battlestar galactica… okay, I could go on and on… so sad). Good luck with your screenplay!


    1. Thanks! Having a Father Handsome changes the entire church experience. I hope someday you get one! Gosh, that’s super inappropriate.
      Netflix is like a black hole. Luckily for me, I’m not on Facebook so I avoided that black hole, but Netflix is my kryptonite when it comes to writing. And I loved battlestar galactica back in the day of Apollo and Starbuck ! You are not a big nerd for watching Dr. Who and Sherlock- you are actually acting your age. I’m watching shows meant for teenagers!


      1. 😀 Here’s to inappropriate hoping for Father Handsomes to completely alter the church-going experience!

        Nah, they meant those shows for grown women too – everyone needs a guilty pleasure and the producers know it!


  2. I have lots to say here, even though I should be asleep on east coast time. I’ll respond to the corresponding number:
    1. I hate that you have a “day job” and can’t spend your days writing.
    2. You should have posted our comparison pictures!
    3. “Ugh” is the only response to this. Okay, also “you’re an awesome mom” is a valid response.
    4. I never saw Gossip Girl but I’m disgusted that you even posited “Tim Riggins vs. [that jerky looking kid]”. Tex forever!
    8. Haha “Pharma”–you are too funny.
    9. She did it. (I saw a clip while waiting in line for my rental car & instantly felt like the “Arizona mom” tag that CNN was assigning to her was pandering b.s.)
    10. I was just wondering last night about how long it’s been since you posted. I was glad to see this in my inbox.


    1. Thanks! Here’s my responses to your responses:
      1. We need to win the lottery. Let’s work on that plan.
      2. I should have posted the comparison pics! Yours is so much better though, and a certain “sad” someone says you aren’t supposed to take pics of fed buildings and has put the fear of God in me.
      3. As you know by now, chaperoning the zoo trip definitely got me one of those “get into heaven free” cards. I’m collecting them 🙂
      4. You are right. Texas Forever! Nate is kind of jerky-looking. Sorry. I got all caught up.
      8. That WOULD be a great shirt, no? Karma, Dharma, Pharma.
      9. She’s free. Come on, you didn’t really think she did it did you?
      10. Working my way back to the blogosphere.


    1. Huh. I wonder if I’ll have the same reaction? I remember the mini-series more than the books. Rachel Ward, Richard Chamberlain, something about shearing sheep. We shall see. 🙂


  3. singing, “The Love Boat … soon will be making another …”

    OK, if you talk about Julie, too, I’m on board with the Love Boat.

    Not caring about the winner is ABSOLUTELY the best way to watch sports. The artistry and excellence come out while all of the gladiator-representing-my-people stuff goes away. Even better is not caring and getting to watch one team long enough to know the stories.


    1. Agreed! Watching the Superbowl is fun for me because I love all the backstories on the players (I’ve cried at one or two of these) and could care less about who wins (the Jets are never in it so it’s way more enjoyable- my husband would die if he knew I felt that way since he’s been waiting since nineteen-seventy-whatever (Joe Namath) for a Jets Superbowl haha). The Love Boat idea actually stems from an Orange comment thread. Stay tuned. I decided to bum you all out with a post about movie theater shootings first. Sorry.


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