Month: February 2013

On Being in the Mood…

Do you ever find that you are not in the mood to write? That you'd rather just sit and veg out, or sleep, or stare at a blank wall? That you'd rather do anything other than fire up the laptop? Do you have days where writing or blogging seem like a gargantuan effort and you … Continue reading On Being in the Mood…


WOAW’s First Poll- Downton Abbey

I just finished Season One of Downton Abbey on Netflix and I need your help, Blogtropolis. As much as I love our friends on the other side of the Atlantic--as much as I love hats and wish they were in style here in the States--as much as I love London, and Will and Kate, and … Continue reading WOAW’s First Poll- Downton Abbey

The Fantasy Pediatrician’s Office

This weekend, I took M. for his once-a-year "well" visit with our pediatrician. Please understand-- I love our pediatrician. But as I sat in the office listening to crying and coughing children, and tried to stop M. from rolling on the floor, I had an idea. It's time for The World of Children's Medicine to … Continue reading The Fantasy Pediatrician’s Office

Odd and Ends

New Jersey gets a bad rap, but there are lots of great things about living here. I hope to dedicate a post to New Jersey eventually.  For now, know that one great thing about The Garden State is its proximity to New York City. These pictures were taken from the waiting room of a doctor's … Continue reading Odd and Ends

Back into the Groove . . .

Tonight I attempt to get back into the blogging groove with a short, simple post.  Thanks for coming back. I'm immersed again in my yoga book:  The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice, by T.K.V. Desikachar, and wanted to share.  Here's a verse I found in the "Yoganjalisaram" section: Respect parents, avoid evil, seek … Continue reading Back into the Groove . . .

The Liebster Award

Many thanks to ish ism for nominating me for the Liebster Award!  Go visit his blog and check out this post. The Liebster Award is a fun way to recognize and promote new up and coming blogs of a good standard with less than 200 followers. Nominees are asked to: 1.  Post eleven facts about themselves. … Continue reading The Liebster Award

Academy Awards Movie Madness-Amour, a Guest Post by Anita

Hi everyone! I didn't make it to see "Amour" in the theater, but my friend Anita graciously agreed to write it up for you. Her thoughts are below. It's her first blog post ever, so I'm sure she'd appreciate your comments.  As always, thanks for reading! Amour is not a movie for everyone. It is … Continue reading Academy Awards Movie Madness-Amour, a Guest Post by Anita