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If you write it . . .

One of my all-time favorite movies is Field of Dreams (1989; Academy Awards Best Picture Nominee 1990). Baseball, Iowa, James Earl Jones, Shoeless Joe, dreams, hopes, tears . . . sigh. I first watched Field of Dreams in a lecture hall my freshman year of college on dollar movie night. I remember hiding my face as I … Continue reading If you write it . . .


On Being in the Mood…

Do you ever find that you are not in the mood to write? That you'd rather just sit and veg out, or sleep, or stare at a blank wall? That you'd rather do anything other than fire up the laptop? Do you have days where writing or blogging seem like a gargantuan effort and you … Continue reading On Being in the Mood…

Lovers on the Run

As a working mom of a special needs child, I often struggle with time issues. I try my best to give work my full attention during the daytime hours, and my kids and husband my full attention during the hours after work and on weekends (with the exception of my twice a week yoga classes). … Continue reading Lovers on the Run