Month: September 2013

Daily Prompt: Non-Sequitur

This Daily Prompt was a tough one. The prompt is to use this sentence in the final paragraph of a post: "He tried to hit me with a forklift!" You can see the Prompt and the other responses here.  This is my attempt (it's fictional--mostly- bahahaha). In all honesty, the real reason we finished the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Non-Sequitur


Wedding Memories

Today, the Daily Post published a post titled, "One Topic, Three Takes: Weddings." The post offered suggestions for bloggers to find new ways to post on old topics. Ben, of the Daily Post, used weddings as an example. Despite the frequency of wedding posts, Ben illustrated how the topic could be refreshed by highlighting authors who offered new style, … Continue reading Wedding Memories

Fortune Cookies and a Universal Freak Out

Last night we ordered Chinese. Sometimes I love Chinese food, sometimes I don't. It helps when we have it delivered so I don't have to see the actual preparation of the food. The most exciting part of Chinese for me is the Fortune Cookie (with the exception of the one I mentioned in this prior … Continue reading Fortune Cookies and a Universal Freak Out

Mama’s Sauce- Weekly Writing Challenge: Backward

I parked the car and opened the driver's side door. The pot next to me on the passenger seat was still hot as I grabbed it and hoisted it over the steering wheel, careful not to spill its contents. Since my hands were full with the pot, I used my foot to kick the door … Continue reading Mama’s Sauce- Weekly Writing Challenge: Backward

Rejected but Okay

I previously shared that Angela and I teamed up and co-wrote and submitted a screenplay to a screenplay writing competition associated with a major film festival. Well, today we got our rejection letter. It was very nice and polite--thanking and commending us and explaining that over 8,000 screenplays were submitted and the decision was difficult, … Continue reading Rejected but Okay

Weekend Chatter

Happy Sunday Everyone! I type this post while watching the second quarter of the Cowboys-Giants game (DVR'ing Breaking Bad-- decisions, decisions). I love watching a good football game, especially when it's not a Jets game. My poor husband, a lifelong Jets fan, suffers season after season watching the Jets. Sometimes there's cursing and yelling involved. … Continue reading Weekend Chatter