Hi Everyone!

I’ve been off of work since last Thursday and it just dawned on me that I haven’t posted yet this week. We’ve been dealing with back-to-school for all three of my boys (my husband is a teacher), who of course are in three different school districts and have three different schedules. That I only had to take two days off to deal with the school calendar discrepancies is the first miracle of the school year. While I’m on the topic, can I get a quick WOO-HOO for back-to-school?!

Blog-wise, I thought I’d ease myself back into posting, as well as my first day back to work tomorrow by sharing a few more Trenton pics. If you recall, I previously posted Trenton Style Part I, where I attempted to entertain you with my daily Sophie’s Choice of having to walk under the exposed live wires or over the highway and presented you a picture of the Weed from Hell. I even shared a pic of the Trenton train station statue thingy.

Well, the fun never ends in Trenton! Last week, I arrived at the work parking lot and just after walking by the hanging exposed wires (yes, they are STILL there despite my call to the police), I saw this:

I took this one through the hanging wires so you could see that they were still there!

The road was closed because a traffic light had fallen down.  Actually, it had been knocked down by a car involved in a high-speed chase with the police! At six in the morning!  Here are more views:

That’s a traffic light fallen on its side!
Another view of the ripped out traffic light. (Bonus: check out the litter- yuck!)

(By the way, I don’t know that man, and the Tremont Restaurant in the background has been closed and boarded up for about ten years.)

I sent these pics to my husband who responded:  “We need to find you a new job.”  Amen to that!

So I’ve decided this:

I want to work someplace pretty. I want to be surrounded by sunshine and pink and maybe faux fur. I’d like to be draped in sequins and chiffon and smell flowers and maybe wear a tiara and false eyelashes and have a window that opens for air– fresh air, that is.  I want a non-stop spring of crystal water available and a big ceramic mug with a happy face to drink coffee out of in the morning. At lunchtime I’d like to go outside and walk through a garden with my wonderful co-workers and pirouette and prance to a lovely restaurant that is clean and bug-free and then afterwards, stop for gelato and maybe talk to nice people on my way back to the office. Then I want to smile and flit around and be shocked– SHOCKED– when I see that it’s five o’clock and time to leave.

Is that too much to ask?

Well that’s all fine and good, Jess, I hear you saying (I can read your minds, remember?). But what do you want to DO for ACTUAL WORK?

Hmmm, I don’t know. Anything fit the bill? I’ll be flexible about the above fantasy demands (except for the tiara– that’s a deal breaker).

Thanks for reading my Trenton post. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings when I return to the wonderful capital of New Jersey after my week off!

Have a nice night.

25 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go Hmmm . . . . Trenton Style, Part II

  1. Whoo Hooo for school being back in session!! We go back before you do and I was so happy to get my house back ( I work from home) and get into my routine!! I’ll keep an eye on the classifieds for you for a job that allows you to be surrounded by sunshine, pink and faux fur! 🙂


      1. One of my favorite bands is from New Jersey…Yo La Tengo. I saw them in South Bend, IN three years ago at a baseball stadium. They were amazing! Not sure if Hoboken is their hometown, I just like saying Hoboken. “Hoboken”.


      2. Hoboken is a square mile with a hundred or so bars and pubs. And if you need more, you can hop on the PATH train and be in Manhattan in minutes. Yo La Tengo– I will google them.


      3. Only minutes from Manhattan by train? I didn’t know it was that close.

        And Yo La Tengo is a national treasure as far as I’m concerned. Their newest album Fade is a great place to start.


  2. Trenton reminds me of some of the neighborhoods I’ve seen in the show The Sopranos–which isn’t much different to some of the neighborhoods I grew up in!

    What else? Hmm…those power lines would have made for an interesting story should someone have accidentally stumble upon them.

    Oh, and your husband’s funny: ”We need to find you a new job.” Classic!


    1. Trenton is a bit Soprano-esque. Dreary, aged. The power lines are ridiculous. When it rains I dodge them like i’m in a video game– they swing back and forth and I have to maneuver through!


  3. I wonder if your husband is also going whoo hoo for back to school. This teacher is not. Tomorrow is the first day back with the students.
    Good luck to the boys and your husband.
    Btw, I also work in an armpit location. It would be nice to work in place which is semi attractive.


    1. “Armpit location,” I love it. Husband seems pretty happy to get back to routine, but maybe a bit anxious. Tomorrow is his first day with the students too. He’s looking over his class rosters and plans right now as we watch football. Good luck tomorrow 🙂


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