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Daily Prompt: Non-Sequitur

This Daily Prompt was a tough one. The prompt is to use this sentence in the final paragraph of a post: "He tried to hit me with a forklift!" You can see the Prompt and the other responses here.  This is my attempt (it's fictional--mostly- bahahaha). In all honesty, the real reason we finished the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Non-Sequitur


Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge- 1,000 Words

Oh, Mama. I'm so bored. Where are all the kids? Where are you? I want to ride the merry-go-round. Please? Just once? Can't the baby feed itself? Mama? It's hot and I'm getting tired. Why did you bring me here if I can't ride Tigger? I always ride Tigger. If Daddy were here he'd let me … Continue reading Daily Post Weekly Writing Challenge- 1,000 Words

2AM Christmas Day

The Daily Post Creative Writing Challenge: 2AM Photo, can be found here. Here's my contribution (fiction, but the pic is mine). Christmas, and this is what his father sends me: It's 2 AM Christmas Day, and this is what his father sends me. As if I don't feel guilty enough. I couldn't help it. I … Continue reading 2AM Christmas Day

Our First Baby

My husband and I started dating in 1996, but our first baby was born a year earlier. On February 3, 1995, my husband's nephew, Matthew, was born. He lived with his mother, my future husband, and his grandparents when I met the family right around his first birthday. In fact, on one of our first … Continue reading Our First Baby