I had a great weekend.  I got to spend time with my best friend (even though I was driving her to the doctor- she’s better now).  My husband cooked me dinner, did the food shopping, and brought flowers home for me.  The kids are healthy and everyone slept through the nights.  I made it to yoga class and feel appropriately sore because of it.  I am off work today for Presidents’ Day.  And I’ve had some blogging success.

On Friday I was Freshly Pressed 🙂

It felt good to get that email from Editor Hannah on Friday, but even better were the likes and comments that you’ve all left for me. Since Friday, I’ve had a conversation with Jack Flacco about David Puddy and Seinfeld, met a “Baba Jido” with a beautiful granddaughter named Saamah, and was convinced by hannahbanana to give Pride and Prejudice another try.  I discussed the sexual orientation of the Man with the Yellow Hat with theravenloon and loosely planned a sequel to Gone With the Wind with CatherineTsThe Underground Writer and I conversed about The Wiggles and 50 Shades, and John Shue shared his thoughts with me on promoting “awesome sauce” as one word:  “awesomesauce” (I’m on board).  Also, I was honored to help a new blogger, MotherJam, with some WordPress tips, and was honored myself by Sounds Like Orange in his “Best of the Week- Week 7, 2013” post. As 1stpeaksteve commented, being Freshly Pressed is the “holy grail.”  It is pretty darn awesomesauce, that’s for sure.

I’ve been hearing about the “blogging community” for awhile, but now I get it.  The support you all offer, the kind words.  And to think I was nervous about publishing that first post!  I look forward to perusing all of your blogs and hopefully can give back some of that support you’ve shown me.

Thankfully, though, being FP’d happened to me over the weekend, because for the past few days, as I smiled and read your comments, I’ve been having to plan my next post.

Remember in The Brady Bunch, when Cindy and Bobby compete to represent their school at the televised game show?  Cindy wins the honor, gets her hair done in a fancy updo, and grows an ego the size of The Goodship Lollipop, only to appear on the show and freeze with fear.  This may remind you . . .

Cindy Brady

I’m sort of feeling like Cindy Brady right now (but my hair is not braided on top of my head).  My thought process is something like this:  What the heck am I going to write about next?  Will everyone keep reading my posts?  Do I have to be all serious now?  What if my Gido post was the best I’ve got?  

Then I remember all the kind words you’ve sent my way and use them as swords against that Blasted Duo:  Fear and Doubt.  Unlike Cindy Brady, I shake the sweat off my brow and decide to just keep moving along here on Waiting on a Word, doing my thing.  I tell myself (and warn you) that it’s not all going to be FP worthy, but I hope you stick around.  Because I love “us” and I love being part of this new blogging world.  And most of all, I love writing.

Thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts, and for making my weekend so wonderful.

29 thoughts on ““Us.” (With a cameo by Cindy Brady . . .)

  1. Aww Jess this was so great to read – I’m such a newbie in the blogosphere but can absolutely already see what you’re taking about. People post with such honesty and courage and humour…makes for a nice change from having my head in the news all the time. Congratulations and HAHA to the Cindy comparison! Just realize the only pressure is most likely the pressure coming from yourself (you are your toughest critic, as they say) and don’t worry – if you’re truly stuck I’m sure that sequel could keep you occupied for agggges!!


  2. I know in the blogging world, there are people who fall into many categories. Some are just serial commenters. Others view the Freshly Pressed selections as chances to view the writing of others.

    When I see the selection, I like to dig around in the blog a bit further. I really liked the story about the van! Some times I read a good story but after further digging, I decide that I am not to crazy about the content of the blog in general. If I feel this way, I just move on.

    So just keep on blogging! Others will find away to your page in the future without the help of being Freshly Pressed and they will make the decision on their own and the ones who stay are the ones you want to keep around anyway!

    …And notice that I wrote a comment on your page. So you are doing something right in my book! Even if you do not have a fancy updo.


  3. You’re doing awesome! I’m still fumbling my way through this whole blogging world. I confess: I often “log out” because I can’t figure out what to do next -only to log back in and start over,

    Ernest Hemingway said, “Writing is easy. You just sit at the typewriter and bleed.”

    Here’s to bleeding!


  4. First of all, congratulations on getting Freshly Pressed. I actually had to look it up because I didn’t know what it was! Now that I know, AWESOME news for you!!! Congrats again! Thanks also for the mention. How can I ever forget the face-painting Puddy? What a crazy dude. But I still love him to death–one of the most memorable characters in the show. Lastly, we must be from the same generation. I remember that episode with Cindy and it’s been a long, long time since watching it. I’m wondering if YouTube has the episode. I’ll have a look at it again. Remember when Marcia gets the football in the face? Ha, good times!


    1. Thanks, Jack. It’s funny when I was thinking of the post, I thought maybe it was Peter who got stage fright when the kids did the concert, but I was wrong. Peter didn’t get stage fright– his voice changed when he hit puberty. (Awkward!?!) Remember that episode? They sang “When it’s time to change.” haha. Of course, Marcia and the football was a good one. She had a date with Doug Simpson and her face got ruined. I bet Jan was secretly laughing it up in the pink bedroom. 🙂


      1. I do remember that episode, although the details are quite sketchy. What I remember is the voice cracking and everyone wondering what will happen. Do you know I have a few songs by The Brady Kids on CD? They came from The Brady Movie soundtrack but they’re the originals sung from the show. My favorite episode is the one where Cindy lies throughout the show and the more she tries not to, the deeper she gets! That was an awesome show!


      2. My fave was when Cindy “borrowed” and then lost Carol’s earring and Carol really needed it for her costume party (I have a vague memory of Carol dressed as Cleopatra in a black wig, and Mike dressed in a toga). They did a detective thing and had to recount every detail of who had touched the earring. They found it in the washing machine all mangled. The Brady Bunch was an awesome show. Know what would make it even more awesome? ZOMBIES!


      1. Thanks Jess, means a lot since I’m just starting this blog. I’m trying to post some quality over quantity. Enjoy the reads. I also look forward to your posts as well.


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