Yeah, yeah so I know I’ve had this blog since January of 2013, and in six-plus years I should probably have more than 200 posts but I have excuses, okay? The two biggest ones are asleep upstairs as I type this.

Excuse 1 and Excuse 2

The third excuse is sitting next to me…

Kiri Dog Posing in her Patriotic wardrobe

Basically, I have 200 excuses for only having 200 blog posts over more than half a decade, but I’ll stop there. In fact, I’m not even sure that this IS my 200th post because behind-the-scenes WordPress looks all fancy these days, and I could be reading the dashboard incorrectly. But in the interest of curing writer’s block and because, hey, at least I’m showing up at the laptop tonight, I’m going to go for it.

My exciting post today is about nothing. Seinfeld did a whole series about nothing so I’m doing a post about nothing. Aren’t you glad you stopped by?

Seriously, though, I googled “200” to see if I could fashion a post of sorts and found the Wikipedia page for 200 (number).

Here are some interesting facts.

Remember Monopoly? $200 for passing Go. I wish a banker would give me $200 for every time I make it around my block, just sayin’.

Have you had bloodwork lately? According to Wikipedia, for a lower risk of heart disease your cholesterol should be under… wait for it… 200! Mine is 154 woop woop! (*drops mic and shows attitude, *pulls herself together and picks up mic, *carries on).

Any NASCAR Cup Series fans? Guess who won 200 races?

I’ll let you think for a second…

NASCAR 2006:   Sprint Cup Series Elmers Glue On Location Shoot Jan 18

Answer: Richard Petty.

What’s that? You want more facts about the number 200? What about a motorcycle race in Northern Ireland called the North West 200? Or that there’s a 200 value euro note ($221 USD)?

For you math nerds, 200 appears in the “Padovan sequence,” is the “smallest base 10 unprimeable number,” and is a “Harshad number.” Have fun with that if you so wish. Simply typing that sentence gave me an eye twitch.

And now, I have to go amend the Wikipedia page to add that WOAW reached its 200th post on August 22, 2019! Kidding, I won’t do that. But thanks for hanging around with me. Here’s to 200 more!

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