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Me again! Having been absent from my WordPress site for some time, now that I'm back, the entire interface seems different (Where are the Daily Prompts? Are we not doing that anymore?). Up in the corner, next to my blog name, there's a little number "41." Click on it and come to figure out that … Continue reading Drafts


Happy Blog-iversary WOAW!

In January of 2013, I started this blog and wrote a post. I hit "publish" even though I had zero followers and hadn't invited anyone to read it. Here's part of what I wrote: I don’t know where my ideas will come from, or if I will ever even have another one, never mind a … Continue reading Happy Blog-iversary WOAW!

Bold Statement of the Day- I Invented Apple Pay

I know what you're thinking: this woman has finally lost her mind. But I kid you not. I invented Apple Pay. My friend Angela can vouch for me. For those of you still living in the dark ages (not judging - I love to visit there myself), with certain newer Apple devices you can set up … Continue reading Bold Statement of the Day- I Invented Apple Pay

Dear Lego,

Dear Lego, I love you. I really do. You amaze me on a daily basis with your ingenuity. That in this day and age of high def and iPads you can keep kids' attention with simple, plastic interlocking 3-D shapes, is astonishing. That you can create this: . . . blows my mind. Really. The … Continue reading Dear Lego,

WOAW’s Girl Talk- MacGyver vs. The Makeup

Welcome to WOAW's first installment of Girl Talk!  (Men are encouraged to participate, read and learn.) Previously I shared that my dad "pimped our van" back in the 70's. Besides his mad van designing skills, Dad took on many home improvement challenges with his kooky, innovative mind. For example, Dad could fix just about anything … Continue reading WOAW’s Girl Talk- MacGyver vs. The Makeup