In January of 2013, I started this blog and wrote a post. I hit “publish” even though I had zero followers and hadn’t invited anyone to read it. Here’s part of what I wrote:

I don’t know where my ideas will come from, or if I will ever even have another one, never mind a decent one. I’m sort of winging it here. My hope is that these words I’m waiting on will magically reveal themselves to me and I’ll have something to share.

For three years I’ve been on and off with Waiting on a Word. This will be my 193rd post, which may sound like a lot, but some bloggers do that in way less time. I’ve been sporadic. I’ve had months where I’ve posted multiple times a week, and times when I’ve gone on months-long hiatuses.

Through it all, I love this blog. I love having my own little corner of the interwebs. I love looking back on my old posts–sometimes cringing but mostly smiling–to relive certain events (like here when my little M. was in the school play; and here about seeing Pearl Jam live), or to see my attempts at fiction (like here when I wrote a little YA snippet), or to remember my mindset at a certain time (like here when I wrote about feeling in a rut). Sometimes I joke around (like here when I wrote about recasting “The Love Boat”) and sometimes I’m serious (like here when I wrote about having a special needs child).

I don’t always know what to write in this space, and sometimes that stresses me out. But I know it’s always waiting on my words for when I’m ready.

So, thanks for letting me share my writing corner and for taking the time to read my posts. Go ahead! Indulge in a piece of blog-iversary cake in honor of WOAW. You deserve it!

FullSizeRender (1)
Happy 3rd Birthday, WOAW! (This is me, Jess).

Have a great rest of your Sunday. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Happy Blog-iversary WOAW!

  1. It is funny. I had a similar start and later I was amazed when a few people popped up on my list as being a follower. I read up and found that if I liked what they wrote, I should follow them as well. Courtesy! Well, you were somewhere in that first wave of people that arrived.

    What is funny is there was another writer who came along in the beginning. I would see her posts that read like, Cool! I have 800 new followers! I was baffled. Why is this not happening for me? Then later she started making videos and had a YouTube site. Then, her posts became less frequent until one day I realized I had seen nothing from her in months. Maybe she has become an actress?? Anyway, my blog just kept chugging along at the pace of a sickly turtle. But it is still here…along with yours!

    From the beginning, I wrote because I needed to do something for myself. Sure, I want people to be entertained or get something from my tips or stories but sometimes I am not writing to lift up my audience; I am writing to push myself onwards. To remind myself of things I once accomplished. To give myself a voice.

    Glad you are around and you are keeping at it! Sure it is nice to read blogs by professional writers who are hawking books but sometimes it is nice to read things from people who have a passion for writing and are searching for a direction while juggling kids, careers, and a boat-load of bills!

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    1. Thanks Steve! Yes! From a core group of 10 or so who have been around since day 1, you and I have survived! You have always been here for my posts and I appreciate it. I wish I was as good at returning the favor. I have to get over to your corner and check out what you’ve been up to!
      Thank you thank you thank you for your support 🙂


      1. I run into the same issues. Sometimes I read your site but it is always in a rush and tell myself that I will come back and write some long, poignant comment and I never find the time to do it. So no worries!

        Stay warm up there! El Nino ahead!


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