I sit on my couch and watch the lights twinkle on the Christmas tree. I consider keeping it up all year because taking it down seems like a daunting task. Also, it’s pretty.

Little M., who’s not so little anymore, smiles on the couch next to me, watching the iPad and playing with a toy.

I have to get up and get moving. I’m still in my pajamas (flannel, because it finally got cold last night) and I have a million things to do. A gazillion, actually. I should take the Christmas tree down.

I ask M. “Should we take the Christmas tree down or leave it up?”

“Take it down!” he says.

I try again, for the answer I want. “Should we keep it up?”

“Take it down!”

Sigh. “Maybe later,” I tell him. He smiles a toothy grin that’s too big for his face and I have the urge to squeeze his cheeks.

But I’m writing a post.


It’s another New Year. Another year for the blog. Tomorrow is my three-year blogging anniversary here at Waiting on a Word. I have a plan for a post, but right now I don’t have the time to write it. Those gazillion things parade through my mind. Maybe later.

For now, I only want to sit here and breathe before I have to start the busy day, month, year. Before I have to try, and do, and work, and think, and figure it all out.

Am I lazy? I don’t think so. In a weird way, sitting here with myself (and M.) may be the most brain-active thing I do all day. Soon I’ll start the hustle and bustle and forget about myself. I’ll go to the store, I’ll run with the kids, I’ll get home and make dinner and do more of the things. Not lazy. Not lazy at all.

But for now, while I have the opportunity, I’m taking this moment to do what last night’s fortune cookie suggested:

One of the best things to do sometimes is simply to be.

That’s it for now. Happy New Year to you! I hope 2016 is a good one and you find time to simply be.

[This post was inspired by the Daily Post, Daily PromptWrite Here, Write Now: Write a post entirely in the present tense.]



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