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Just Being- For Now

I sit on my couch and watch the lights twinkle on the Christmas tree. I consider keeping it up all year because taking it down seems like a daunting task. Also, it's pretty. Little M., who's not so little anymore, smiles on the couch next to me, watching the iPad and playing with a toy. … Continue reading Just Being- For Now


Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to WOAW

Well, hello there, Blogtropolis! You still out there? I don't really have much to say, which explains why I haven't been posting. But I didn't want to let the days go by without recognizing my one-year blogging anniversary. My first post on WOAW was published on January 3, 2013. Ironically, I wrote in that first … Continue reading Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to WOAW

“Jariana” Madness

As I mentioned previously, I had a few hours to kill on New Year's Eve waiting for midnight. The family had conked out, so I sat on my couch with Ryan Seacrest in the background and played around on my iPad.  I checked email, browsed Amazon, and fired up the Kindle app hoping something I … Continue reading “Jariana” Madness

Times Square, Birthday Cake, and Party Poopers

Back in my twenties, New Year's Eve was my favorite holiday. I loved the idea of tossing out the old and ringing in the new while indulging in cocktails with my friends and strangers in loud, crowded places. I loved planning a fun evening out, overpaying for dinner, drinking and dancing, and spending New Year's … Continue reading Times Square, Birthday Cake, and Party Poopers