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Fun “Friends” Trivia- Answers Post

Okay everyone! Just a quick post with Friends Trivia Answers! Let's see how you did: What are Rachel's sisters' names? Jill and Amy Bonus: Who played them? Reese Witherspoon (Jill) and Christina Applegate (Amy) What song does Monica sing when she performs karaoke at Mike's bar? Tanya Tucker's Delta Dawn At which University is Ross a professor? NYU What actor plays … Continue reading Fun “Friends” Trivia- Answers Post


Fun “Friends” Trivia

After discussing Chandler's job with a friend and procrastinating with a video of Ross screaming "piv-OT" while the crew moved a couch up the stairs, I thought I'd share some fun Friends memories with you in the form of a trivia post. As Friends needs no introduction, I'll jump right in. These vary in difficulty so … Continue reading Fun “Friends” Trivia

Seinfeld Trivia Answers

Hi everyone! I received mixed reviews on my Seinfeld trivia-- some thought it was too hard and others thought it was just right. Zombie expert and author Jack Flacco made a great effort-- obviously he's a "Seinfeldic Scholar" (a term coined by David). For the rest of you, Seinfeldic Scholars or not, here are the questions and … Continue reading Seinfeld Trivia Answers

Escaping Rutsville (With a Little Help from George Costanza)

Recently I wrote that I was stuck in a rut. Blogger Buddy Rachel commented that I was in "Rutsville" and that it was okay to hang out there for awhile until I could manage to get out onto the Road to Awesome again. This week I've made an effort to do the things that I … Continue reading Escaping Rutsville (With a Little Help from George Costanza)