After discussing Chandler’s job with a friend and procrastinating with a video of Ross screaming “piv-OT” while the crew moved a couch up the stairs, I thought I’d share some fun Friends memories with you in the form of a trivia post.

As Friends needs no introduction, I’ll jump right in. These vary in difficulty so there should be at least one you know. If not, Friends is on Netflix, so get watching!

    1. What are Rachel’s sisters’ names? Bonus: Who played them?
    2. What song does Monica sing when she performs karaoke at Mike’s bar?
    3. At which University is Ross a professor?
    4. What actor plays Monica’s boyfriend Richard?
    5. What is the name of the T.V. show that Joey stars in with a robot?
    6. Which actress plays Phoebe’s birth mom (Hint: think Montauk)?
    7. Chandler was trapped in an ATM vestibule. Who was with him?
    8. What was Monica’s nickname when she played field hockey?
    9. What do Monica’s parents call her?
    10. Who did Joey play on Days of our Lives and what was his fate?
    11. What does WENUS stand for?
    12. What’s Joey’s favorite food?
    13. Which zoo does Marcel get into?
    14. What was the name of the man who lived under the girls’ apartment?
    15. Why was Chandler put in the box?
    16. Who did Ross meet when he went to China, and what did he plan on buying with that person?
    17. Who played Phoebe’s brother?
    18. What song does Ross sing to baby Emma to make her laugh?
    19. Which character has a third nipple?
    20. What song does Ross dedicate to Rachel on the radio?

I hope you enjoyed taking this trip down television memory lane. Answers will be posted soon!

Special thanks to Nicole over at Mommy&Everything blog and Lauren, a certified television expert, for contributing questions.

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