Recently I wrote that I was stuck in a rut. Blogger Buddy Rachel commented that I was in “Rutsville” and that it was okay to hang out there for awhile until I could manage to get out onto the Road to Awesome again. This week I’ve made an effort to do the things that I listed in that post which I thought would help. I took my vitamins, went to yoga and once again ended the affair with diet soda. It did help. I feel better. Not quite out of Rutsville entirely, but definitely approaching the exit ramp.

I thought it might be fun for me, and hopefully for you, to play trivia with one of my favorite shows: Seinfeld. I really hope you young ‘uns out there have experienced the genius of Seinfeld. If not, start DVR’ing reruns, buy a season or two on DVD– anything to get to know this show. Not a day of my life goes by (literally, not a day) without a Seinfeld reference.

Let’s start off with a couple of polls:

Now I’m going to jump right into the questions. These are tough but when you see the answers you’ll remember them. Enjoy!

(1) What did George want to name his future child and why? Bonus: What celebrity in real life used the name?

(2) Before Leslie Knope became the living symbol of all Parks and Rec departments, Jerry had a cousin who worked in the Parks Department. What was his name? Bonus: What was this Parks Department worker’s favorite animal?

(3) After George gets his soup from the Soup Nazi, he asks for something that causes the Soup Nazi to tell George, “No soup for you!” What did George ask for? Bonus: What kind of soup did George order? Super Bonus: Later when George returns with Elaine, who does she tell the Soup Nazi he looks like that causes him to get angry and cut her off from soup?

(4) What are the qualities in George that cause Marisa Tomei to wonder why he’s not taken? Bonus: What odd topic does George discuss on their date in the park?

(5) David Puddy uses a “sex move” on Elaine that Elaine attributes to Jerry, except David does something different at the end. What does he do? Bonus: What is Frank Costanza’s “move”?

(6) What day is Festivus celebrated and what are the events that take place on that special holiday? Bonus: What must occur for the holiday to end?

(7) Name three of the many fictional movies referenced on the show. Bonus: Name any of the taglines for these movies.

(8) Kramer gets a speaking part in a Woody Allen movie. What is his line? Bonus: What causes Kramer to get fired from the movie set?

(9) When George loses his job for using the boss’s private bathroom, he and Jerry have a conversation about George’s career path. Name three things that George thinks he’d be good at doing. Bonus: Why does Jerry think that these potential careers won’t work out for George?

(10) Jerry falls asleep watching television and wakes up in the middle of the night with a great idea for a “bit.” He scribbles it on paper and goes back to sleep. The next morning, he can’t figure out what he wrote. What did the note say? Bonus: Many people tried to help Jerry figure out the note the next day. What were some of the guesses as to what the note said?

I hope you had fun and recalled some great Seinfeld moments! I’ll post the answers soon.

Have a nice night!

6 thoughts on “Escaping Rutsville (With a Little Help from George Costanza)

  1. I’m glad you never wrote the tests for my classes. This was hard. Alright I didn’t watch much, but I thought I’d just get it by osmosis. Back to class for me!


    1. I am getting feedback that the questions were hard. I stink at trivia. I think because I have these little details that I enjoy that aren’t enjoyed universally? I need to think up broader type questions next time I attempt trivia.


      1. On the contrary, you excel in focus on details which means you excel, more than most of us, in related trivia. Some of us are generalists. Some are specialists. You are obviously a Seinfeldic scholar.


  2. I’ve never seen Seinfeld! Pleased to hear you are approaching the exit ramp, I hope you don’t drive by it and go round in circles for too long. πŸ™‚


  3. I’ll play along, Jess. I’ve seen a lot of Seinfeld episodes–well, I’ve seen them all–and I would venture to say I loved them all. BOSCO!

    I’ll answer them right from my head and skip those I don’t know:

    1) Seven
    3) Didn’t he ask for bread?
    4) Bald, short, and glasses…I think
    5) Hey, all I remember is Jerry doing the swirl
    6) Hmm, isn’t it a week before Christmas, and there’s a pole involved? Oh, and isn’t there an “airing of grievances” included in the festivities?
    7) Rochelle, Rochelle (that’s all I know)!
    8) Ack! Is it: “These pretzels are making me thirsty”???
    9) George the architect (Mr. Vanderleigh) lol, Oh, and George the porn star…That’s it for me πŸ™‚


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