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I Wasn’t Kidding About Bingo!

(Just in case you thought I was kidding about my Adventures in Bingo in my Bonkers at Bingo post ...) A bit of Bingo Background is necessary for you to appreciate this blog post: Prior to partaking in the joy that is Bingo, Bingo patrons must pay an admission fee ($1.00) and get an admission … Continue reading I Wasn’t Kidding About Bingo!


80’s Lyrics Reveal

Hi Everyone! On Friday I attempted a lyrics trivia post and learned something about all of you. You're just not that into it. You liked the movie trivia post. Maybe this one was too difficult? I forget how easy things are when I know the answers, haha. Or can it be that I'm the only … Continue reading 80’s Lyrics Reveal

Roller Boogie

Back in the early 1980's roller skating was huge, in my part of the world at least. I think it started with Roller Boogie, a 1979 film starring Linda Blair (of The Exorcist). Best. Movie. Ever. Okay, maybe not "ever," but pretty freakin' awesome. Roller Boogie was the tale of Terry Barkley (Blair) and Bobby James … Continue reading Roller Boogie

WOAW’s What to Watch- Scandal Update! [Spoiler Alert]

I know I’ve been bombarding you with television and movie stuff, but that seems to be what happens with me when the news is bad. I turn to movies and television. Also, the Knicks are on tonight, and my brain is fried, and I wanted to do a quick, easy post, and I really need … Continue reading WOAW’s What to Watch- Scandal Update! [Spoiler Alert]

The Bechdel Test

My friend and writing partner, Angela, knows lots of stuff in general, but especially about writing. In our writing partnership, I consider her the brains of the operation, while I am just the barfer. I can cough up pages, but she's the one who cleans the barf, so to speak. Her ability is the result … Continue reading The Bechdel Test

Going Lite Today- Movie Quote Reveal

A few days ago I posted a list of some favorite movie quotes. You all responded so positively that I’ll do it again sometime. I promise. Now though, in hopes of lightening up your day, I reveal the movies quoted in the prior post. How’d you all score by the way? Was it too easy? … Continue reading Going Lite Today- Movie Quote Reveal