A few days ago I posted a list of some favorite movie quotes. You all responded so positively that I’ll do it again sometime. I promise. Now though, in hopes of lightening up your day, I reveal the movies quoted in the prior post. How’d you all score by the way? Was it too easy? Too difficult? Let me know and I’ll adjust for the next time.

Here we go:

(1)  “Look Kids- Big Ben, the Parliament.” European Vacation (1985). Clark gets stuck driving in circles. A google search reveals that he’s driving around Lambeth Bridge Roundabout in London, and he can’t seem to work his way out. Since seeing this movie back in ’85, I use the quote “Big Ben, the Parliament” as a code that I’m lost. Not surprisingly, most people get it, too.

(2)  “Dear God. Make me a bird. So I can fly far. Far, far, away from here.” Forrest Gump (1994). A young Jenny says this. I remember her being up in a tree when she says this, but Especially Made pictures her in the middle of a corn field. Guess we’ll just have to watch this EXCELLENT movie again to find out! I think this movie makes my Top Five Movies of All Time list.

(3)  “I can’t believe I gave my panties to a geek.” Sixteen Candles (1984). Remember the image of Anthony Michael Hall raising the panties in the boys’ room to the geeks staring up at them amazed? And who didn’t have a crush on Jake Ryan? John Hughes at his finest.

Jake Ryan. Sigh…
(Michael Schoeffling)

(4)  “I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” The Godfather (1972). If you didn’t get that one, I feel sorry for you. If you haven’t seen the movie, I feel even more sorry for you. Get your act together, please. (:

(5)  “Tell me about it, stud.” Grease (1978). Can anyone else recite the dialogue and sing every song from this movie, or is that just me?

(6)  “Nine million terrorists in the world, and I gotta kill one with feet smaller than my sister.” Die Hard (1988). The world could use a couple extra John McClane’s. Enough said.

(7)  “You think I’m hostile now, wait til you see me tonight.” My Cousin Vinny (1992). Marisa Tomei has some great one-liners throughout the film. Joe Pesci’s trial skills, his witnesses, and his “yoots” (“youths”), including the Karate Kid himself, make this one of those films you can watch a gazillion times and never be bored with it.

(8)  “You jump, I jump, right?” Titanic (1997). I knew the boat would sink, yet this movie rips me to shreds every time (I posted a bit about that here). In 1997, in 2000, in 2013, whenever I see this movie I lose my sh*t. I can’t even write anything else about it. Stupid Celine Dion and her beautiful song. JACK and ROSE for EVER!

(9)  “Hey Trav. Don’t knock her up!” Overboard (1987). Travis’s little brothers give him a hard time when he gets a girlfriend, shouting this line to him as Travis and his girlfriend are walking away together. [Bonus round:  Can anyone name the other Proffitt brothers?] This movie is one of my all time favorites, despite the horrific premise. Don’t think about it too hard, or you’ll see what I mean. How can I love this film so much? Is it simply that good? Maybe it’s the Goldie/Kurt factor.

(10)  “You ever seen a duck that couldn’t swim?” Convoy (1978). Kris Kristofferson and Ali McGraw star in this gritty 70’s film about a trucker nicknamed the “Rubber Duck” who fights off authorities by creating a convoy of trucks and using a CB radio. I’m dying to tell you the end but I’ll refrain. Okay, I can’t refrain. Stop reading here if you don’t want the spoiler. . . .

So the bad guys (who are really, like, the good guys), fire weapons at Rubber Duck (the first trucker in the convoy, of course) and his truck flies off a bridge into a river. Of course we think he’s dead. They have a funeral. Later, Ali finds Kris in disguise on some weird bus and is delighted he’s alive and upon seeing her reaction he says the line about ducks who can’t swim. YAY! For whatever reason, I LOVED this movie and aspired to a career as a trucker for the sole purpose of creating my own convoy someday (my parents were thrilled, as you can imagine).

By the way, David over at soundslikeorange thinks the actual list of quotes sounds like “the main plot points from a surreal movie script.” Hmm… could be a challenging writing project!

Thanks for reading and have a nice night.

[Source:  Jake Ryan pic:  http://danishbird.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/SixteenCandleJakeRyan2.jpg]

8 thoughts on “Going Lite Today- Movie Quote Reveal

  1. How could I have missed that quote from My Cousin Vinny? Haha! My absolute favorite quote in the movie is when he pronounces “youths” as “newts”. I never laughed so hard in all my life! I can watch that movie every day and never get sick of it!


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