I know I’ve been bombarding you with television and movie stuff, but that seems to be what happens with me when the news is bad. I turn to movies and television. Also, the Knicks are on tonight, and my brain is fried, and I wanted to do a quick, easy post, and I really need to dish about Scandal.

I LOVE THIS SHOW (I’ve said this before, I know, actually twice). So much is going on and it’s all over the place. I think a list of characters may help me organize my thoughts.

1.  Jake Ballard (Scott Foley)

Any Felicity fans out there? Or are you all too young to remember the Felicity-Noel-Ben love triangle? Felicity was on from 1998 until 2002, and Scott Foley played Noel. Also, I note that Scott Foley was Jennifer Garner’s first husband. Let’s discuss how well Noel is aging. Seriously! I may switch all these years later over to Team Noel from Team Ben. He looks great playing Jake the some-sort-of-military-guy-who’s-bff’s-with-Fitz. Sometimes I wonder if Jen Affleck wonders What if? with regard to Noel when Ben’s giving her grief about going to the Farmer’s Market with the kids. But I digress . . .

To illustrate the Scott Foley Fountain of Youth, here are some pics:

Noel then . . .
Noel now . . .

Personally, I don’t see much of a difference from 2002.

So Item Number One for Scandal Discussion: Felicity. Noel’s adorableness. Along those same lines, what about the Olivia/Noel bawm-chika-bawm-bawm love scene? Why does Scandal use porn music for the sex scenes? So sub-topic for discussion under Item Number One: Porn music in television.

2.  Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington)

WHAT is GOING ON with that dude breaking into Olivia’s home just after she sleeps with Noel and discovers the morning after that Noel is spying on her? You know . . . right before he (accidentally) slammed her to the floor and gave her a concussion? I DON’T GET IT. Is Noel the Mole? Does Noel really like Liv? What kind of red wine does she drink and how does she manage to keep it off of her mostly white wardrobe?  Oh, and I love her wine glasses.

Olivia has the best wine glasses. They are big and round yet delicate.

Funny, I as I draft this post I’m thinking, “I wonder if I can Google Image Olivia’s wine glass,” and lo and behold, it pops right up.

One final note on Liv. At the end there, when Fitz was doing his weird hug thing on the hospital bed, she looked frightened and not at all into it. I guess if I had some unknown dude ransacking my apartment, just slept with Noel who I found out was spying on me, physically fought with him and he cracked my head open putting me in a hospital bed where my ex-lover who happens to be the President awkwardly shows up and hugs me, maybe I’d have the same look.  Dunno.  Chances are I never will.  Which is fine by me, by the way.

Item Number Two for Scandal Discussion:  What the heck is happening?

3.  Mellie (Bellamy Young)

I am easily becoming Mellie’s Number One fan. I LOVED when she told off Fitz about the kids. I’d definitely vote for her over Fitz any day. I don’t have much more to say about her other than she’s awesomesauce. Item Number Three for Scandal Discussion: Mellie’s future and thoughts on whether or not she’s the Mole. Yep, I said it. Discuss. Here’s a pic:

Mellie with Fitz

4.  Fitz (Tony Goldwyn)

Fitz is being so weird. He’s the worst President in the history of the world and although I thought I loved him with Liv, nothing would make me happier than for her to call it quits with him. Since he figured out his election was rigged and then murdered the Supreme Court Justice, he’s been a total drag.  Really, Fitz.  Get over it!  All he does now is drink scotch and look miserable.

In the most recent episode, I thought I saw a glimmer of the old Fitz, but I don’t know. Item Number Four for Scandal Discussion: What’s up with Fitz?  Fitz:  Friend or Foe?  Olivia and Fitz:  A Disaster or a Dream?

5.  Huck (Guillermo Diaz)

Huck’s “family” was murdered by that crazy lady who tried to assasinate Fitz (I forget what happened there- did we catch the person behind that?  I’m so confused), and he was waterboarded, and then he was smelly for an episode.  Now he was BEATEN and PUSHED into some weird empty box in a storage unit and now he’s all PTSD hovering in the corner of Liv’s office.  And the guy that Cyrus previously hired to take out James (but Cyrus called it off last minute thank god), is somehow involved (did you notice the hat on the storage unit video footage?).  Also, I point out that the killer dude (whose name is apparently, “Charlie”) kind of looks like a Paul Rudd, who I love.  See:

Charlie the Killer (George Newbern- He was in Father of the Bride movies)
Paul Rudd

So, Item Number Five for Scandal Discussion:  Does my love for Paul Rudd mean that I love Charlie the Killer? Is Huck going to recover? Does anyone want to discuss Huck’s “family” issues?

Alright, everyone. This post turned out to be longer than I expected, and the Knicks are in halftime (losing to the Celtics). I’m going to end it here. If there are any, any Scandal fans out there, I need to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading, and have a nice night! (Note:  Since I’ve edited this, the Knicks are now tied).

Sources:  Noel then pic:  http://cf.foreveryoungadult.com/_uploads/images/21124/felicity__span.jpg; Noel now pic:  http://cartermatt.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/scandal-jake.jpg; Olivia wine glass pic:  http://scandalmoments.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/popcornxwine.png; Mellie pic:  http://blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/scandal-mellie-fitz.jpg; Charlie the Killer pic:  http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130328063457/scandal/images/5/52/Charlie-spies-like-us.jpg; Paul Rudd pic: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/a2/Paul_Rudd_LF.JPG/220px-Paul_Rudd_LF.JPG

10 thoughts on “WOAW’s What to Watch- Scandal Update! [Spoiler Alert]

  1. Go Knicks! Oh, and I think Mellie is a conniving politico actually. She is not a warm and fuzzy mom. She hates kids. Everything she does is for his (her) political advancement. Fitz is being a big baby and needs to man up and be president for heavens sake. He also needs to pick a side. I love, love, love this show because it actually makes me passionate about stuff. Is that shallow???


    1. Maybe. But that’s okay. Entertainment can be shallow too. It doesn’t all have to be smart, British mystery shows haha. That’s why I love Mellie- she’s a great character. Liv is all wah wah wah sometimes but Mellie is totally driven.


  2. I remember watching Felicity. I’ve always liked Keri Russell. And I never could figure out why she’d cut her hair the way she did. If I remember correctly, that’s the reason the show didn’t make it past the next season, and the ratings took a hit. Subsequent to that ordeal, all the major studios that year introduced a clause in all their contracts to prevent stars from slicing off their hair. Funny, huh? Great show, though.


    1. Was that because of her! I vaguely remember something about that. I loved her long hair. She was pretty enough to pull off short hair, but her long hair was gorgeous.


      1. I thought she was gorgeous. But once she cut her hair and permed it, folks didn’t like it, and the cancellation phone call came immediately thereafter.


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