Highlights and lowlights from my week:

First, the lowlights:

* It snowed. About five inches in the Trenton, New Jersey area. This meant that I had to dig out snow pants, waterproof gloves, hats, scarves, boots (which I did not have for my older son, so had to improvise). This also meant I had to go outside in the cold. And when I forced everyone back in, I had to strip down the boys, who were wet and tired and hungry, and lay out all their wet clothes on the kitchen floor. Snow doesn’t really do it for me anymore, people.

* I filled out my blank world map. Or rather I attempted to. I could only find twenty countries, folks. And some of them I messed up (For example, I thought Denmark was up with those big droopy countries on top of Europe. It’s not.). Realizing how unworldly I am caused me a few minutes of depression. I kept thinking of Angelina Jolie being a world ambassador and adopting kids all over the place then wondered if she was smarter than me.  I am over it now. Instead of crying about it, I am going to learn my world.  Oh.  I was also bummed that my map of the world I inserting into my last post isn’t showing on screen.  It’s showing on the laptop, but not on the iPad or iPhone screens.  Maybe it was too big?  I dunno.  Epic blogging fail.

* Adam Levine did not come find me and join me in yoga class. In fact, I only attended one yoga class this week since my husband was sick. Two of my friends also suffered this week, both with debilitating back pain. I felt bad for all three of them and wished I could help, but there was nothing I could do.

* The Great Picture Project has gone nowhere. I am considering my sister-in-law’s offer to take over the project, even though it means transporting the ridiculous pile to North Jersey and admitting defeat.

* I wussed out, Blogtropolis. A writer blogger I follow, Angela’s World of Writing, is hosting a writing contest. 1000 words-any genre-topic, Valentine’s Day (you can join too if you want). I would post something here, then link to it on her site, and ask you all to go thumbs up it by her. I drafted a cute little story, but now I am shy about posting it. I have until V-day though, so it may still happen.

*  Finally, work stunk this week.


* It snowed and the kids were thrilled. I decided to learn about the world. I got to go to yoga class this week and stare at my magazine with Adam Levine on it. I am working on forgiving myself for not dealing with the photograph pile. At least it’s on the radar, sort of. I drafted a cute story for a writing contest. I am blogging!  And thank god I have a job which gives me a paycheck, allows me to see my co-worker friends, and provides snack machines and coffee.  Do you see the two-sides-to-every-coin point I am going for here?  The power of positivity can turn the lowlights into highlights.

Another pic of Adam. Just for fun.
You’re welcome!
(Image: images6.fanpop.com)

On to other good news:

* A writer who wrote something I love has granted me permission, via a letter in response to my inquiry, to post her work here on WOAW. That’s on next week’s agenda so keep an eye out. The letter she wrote made me feel good about myself, and people, and life in general.

* Scandal was UH-MAZING this week. Love that show! So much happened in the hour that I thought my head would explode. Great television can put me in a great mood.

Scandal on ABC
(Image: tvguide.com)

Walking Dead starts tomorrow too and I love zombies.

* Great music can also put me in a great mood. This week, I decided that this album:

The Killers
“Hot Fuss”

is on my list of Top Five Favorite Albums Ever. By that I mean I love it from start to finish. Every song is friggin’ fantastic. I am so glad that instead of letting individual songs pop up on my shuffle by chance, I deliberately played the whole album from start to finish at work this week and re-appreciated it.  It also gave the work day a needed boost.  Thanks, The Killers.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!  Thanks for reading.

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