Did you know that Clark Kent – yes the Clark Kent – lives in Ohio? He also blogs on WordPress. Okay, I’m not really sure who this elusive Clark Kent is, but I know this . . . Clark posts beautiful, inspiring posts about soulmates and grace, love, and humanity. He recently dinged me for an award:  The WordPress Family Award. I am truly grateful. You can see his post and peruse his blog here. Thanks Clark, for the honor you have bestowed upon me.

So, the WordPress Family Award! I hadn’t heard of this one until Clark passed it along. Turns out it was just created on March 4 by a blogger named Shaun, and the best thing about the award – you don’t have to be nominated for it. You can go pick it up for yourself here on Shaun’s blog.

Discussing the award’s origins, Shaun writes:

This is an award for everyone who is part of the “WordPress Family.”  I start this award on the basis that the WordPress family has taken me in, and showed me love and a caring side only WordPress can.  The way people take a second to be nice, to answer a question and not make things a competition amazes me here.  I know I have been given many awards, but I wanted to leave my own legacy on here by creating my own award, as many have done before.  This represents “Family” we never meet, but are there for us as family.  It is my honour to start this award.

The Rules:  (1) Display the logo on your blog (Check!) (2)  Link back to the person who nominated you (Check!) (3) Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family (See below!) (4)  Let your 10 family members know you have awarded them (Will do!).

I thought I’d take this opportunity to first, agree with Shaun that although when I started this blog I was nervous as hell hitting that “publish” button, you have all been so nice and welcoming that you make it easy and enjoyable. So thank you, and may I hear a collective “WORDPRESS BLOGGERS ROCK!”  Woo-hoo!

Second, I want to use this award to thank those of you who read and comment on WOAW regularly; who help me when I have a technical glitch; and who have recognized WOAW on their own blogs. It’s much appreciated. Therefore, I decided to bend the rules a bit and nominate the top commenters on WOAW (according to today’s stats), who host some of my favorite blogs, for the Family Award.

Nominees for WordPress Family Award

1. Dylan at Eyes Through the Glass- A Blog About Asperger’s. Dylan is an Artist and a Writer who has been Freshly Pressed twice. When he mentioned me as one of his favorite bloggers, and included me in his Daily Prompt post this weekend, I was truly honored. Dylan’s blog is an open, honest account of an adult living with Asperger’s. He also mixes in his artwork, and recently featured his short story, The Castle Aspergis. His blog is one of my faves.  Thanks, Dylan for sharing your life.

2.  David (my Justin Timberlake) over at Sounds Like Orange. I am fairly certain that I can count on his gravatar picture of an orange to show up at some point during my day, either liking or commenting on one of my posts, or popping up in my inbox announcing one of his new posts. David’s passion is music. Not particularly Justin Timberlake (although he has admitted to enjoying Adele) but really interesting, good . . . different (to me at least) music. I can always count on David for a helpful, insightful comment, help with my son’s math homework, and creative perspectives on life (ex. “an elephant making lasagne” to describe a script). Also, when one of my posts disappeared, David noticed and emailed me.  Even though he had taken the day off, when I emailed him back with “HELP MY POST DISAPPEARED,” he ever so calmly walked me through the fix for the glitch. Much appreciation and many thanks to the colorful, wise, and sometimes angry Orange.

3.  Megan at The Underground Writer. Megan found me somehow and the next thing I knew, we were emailing about kids spilling Ensure shakes in the refrigerator (trust us, very difficult to clean up). Conversation soon morphed into an exchange of Seinfeld quotes and suddenly I have a new friend. We email just about everyday now and we’ve shared our writing and thoughts and dreams. Someday, we’ll have to actually meet! Despite being a busy mom of two, Megan writes thoughtful, fun posts about life. One of my faves is about the different techniques that old men use to make the moves on younger women (read it here!). Thanks, WordPress for hooking us up, and thanks Megan for being you.

4.  Sweetness at Chronicles of a Public Transit User. Seeing a new post from COAPTU makes my day because:  (1) I know it’s going to be a quick, funny read, (2) usually including a real-life pic, (3) of something utterly ridiculous, (4) that makes me grateful for my minivan.  Ask any COAPTU follower about their favorite or most unforgettable post and they’ll say this one, which ends with a Seinfeld reference:  “This guy was definitely not the master of his domain.” EWWWW! This blog is a great follow.

5.  Al at Once Written. I’ve referred to him as my George Clooney of Blogtropolis. He and I don’t always agree, but I appreciate that he’s not afraid to touch on the difficult issues– Boston, Same-Sex Marriage, religion, education– and the no-so-difficult issues like reality television. My favorite post is this one honoring his dad on the two-year anniversary of his dad’s death. Al’s one of my top commenters on WOAW, and as a busy father, husband, animal owner (ask him about his pets . . . go on!) and surgeon (yep, he’s a blogging doc) who dabbles in running on the side, I appreciate his time and insight. Go check him out!

6.  Kate at Did That Just Happen Blog. Kate is a single mom to a teenager (who she’s teaching to drive– AHH!) who lives in Texas. On the lighter side, she’s obsessed with the television show Supernatural and finds her crack at Taco Bell. Currently though, she is going through a difficult time with a family member’s medical issues. Despite this turn of events in her life, she manages to make time to post, respond to comments, and keep up-to-date with reading her WordPress blogs. She’s been forthcoming and honest about her experiences, the good and the bad, and reading her blog makes you feel like you are part of her life. This Award is perfect for her and I am happy to nominate her.

7.  Ish Ism. Drishism is a graduate student in the Pacific Northwest who runs marathons, hikes, adores his wife, takes awesome pics, and backyard farms. He posts it all, from possums getting into the chicken coop to nominating his wife for Wife of the Year. He’s a busy dude, to say the least, but he always manages to stop by WOAW and like or leave a comment, which I much appreciate.

The other top commenter on WOAW is my mom.  But she doesn’t have a blog so I can’t nominate her for the WordPress Family Award.  I’ll buy her a cupcake or something.  🙂

Thanks for reading and allowing me to take time to appreciate my blogging family.  Have a nice night!

18 thoughts on “The WordPress Family

  1. Thank you all for being part of my Word Press Family. I may not follow you all, or you not might follow me, but this award was just to say “Family we may never meet who are there for us”
    I am AMAZED at how far and wide this has travelled in so short a time..

    Thank you all..
    Shaun xx


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