Sometimes good things happen to good people. I know, I know… it’s hard to believe. Well, sit back, Blogtropolis, and let me tell you a little story…

I work with a lady, let’s call her Terry. Terry has worked in my office for a million years, since she was a teenager (she’s in her 50’s now). Every morning I walk by her desk and say good morning, and if I forget she hunts me down. “How can I start my day without your good morning, Jessica?” she asks.

Terry is one of those people who never says a bad word about anyone. She’s never out sick. She’s always at her desk and never complains. Before work, she has a job as a caregiver for elderly people, for which she goes to peoples’ houses and makes sure they are ready for their day. After work she goes to school and is working toward a certification to become a  drug abuse counselor. She also has a big family who she takes care of and who love her to pieces.

Terry’s just genuinely nice and wants to do good in the world. She’s also happy. And sweet. How many people do you actually know like that? Probably not too many.

There’s one thing that Terry loves before all else. The Dallas Cowboys.

Cowboys Training Camp

Her cubicle is covered, COVERED in Cowboys garb. She has pictures, calendars, blankets, bobbleheads, the schedule, the roster, stuffed Cowboy toys. My God, anything the Cowboys have put out there, she has at least one of. In fact, I once got a bandaid from her…it was a Cowboys bandaid.

She’s serious about her team, people. So serious that she flies to games a couple of times per season, by herself if she can’t find a travel buddy, to see her team play. So serious that she booked a room and flight to Houston for the Super Bowl mid-season, “just in case.” Did she have a ticket to the Big Game? No.

“Terry,” I said. “What if the Cowboys don’t make it to the Super Bowl? Or worse, what if they do and you can’t get a ticket?”

She smiled and looked up at me (she’s short). “Well, then I’ll enjoy being in Houston and around football fans.”

So there you go. That’s the backstory. Now, onto the real story.

Terry had tickets for the Cowboys game the day after Christmas- Lions vs. Cowboys. She goes to the Philly airport to fly to Dallas and checks in at the gate. She tells the airline employee her name: Terry Wayne (not her real name).

“Oh,” says airline lady, “you already checked in.”

Obviously she hadn’t. So the airline lady tapped the screen a bit, chalked it up to a mishap, and let her through. Terry being Terry didn’t worry. She just shrugged and boarded.

When she got to her seat, someone was sitting in it. Terry says, “Excuse me, I think you’re in my seat.”

The lady says, “Let me guess. You’re Terry Wayne.”

Terry says, “Um, yes. How do you know?”

She says, “Because I’m Terry Wayne, too!”

They have a good laugh, discussing the chances of two people with a not-so-common name ending up on the same flight. My Terry gets re-seated by the stewardess and off she goes to Dallas.

After they land, My Terry goes to the baggage claim and sees Other Terry waiting for her bags. Being as friendly and outgoing as she is, she figures she’ll go say hi. They strike up a conversation, and my guess is that Other Terry quickly realized the awesomeness of My Terry.

They discuss their travel plans. Other Terry tells My Terry that she was home for the holidays, but recently started a new job in Dallas and had to get back for work.

Guess who Other Terry works for?

THE. DALLAS. COWBOYS. Front office stuff.

My Terry tells her that she’s the hugest fan, shows her some of her merchandise, and explains that she’s in Dallas for the Lions game. She and Other Terry talk up a storm. By the end of their conversation, Other Terry had friended her on Facebook and offered to hook her up with seats for whenever she wants to see her favorite team play.

I could stop the story right there. How cool is it that of all the planes, in all the world… two Terry Wayne’s meet. Other Terry working for My Terry’s favorite team is the icing on the cake.

But there’s more. Remember that trip My Terry had booked?

Excited for her upcoming visit to Houston, she thought, “What the heck?” and sent Other Terry a Facebook message. “I know our team’s not playing but is there any way you can hook me up with a ticket?”

And guess what? Other Terry did! My Terry got to go to Super Bowl– not any Super Bowl, but one of the best Super Bowls in history! You know what she wore? Head-to-toe Dallas garb, God bless her. Not only did she go to the game, but she met a nice couple in her hotel who gave her a ride to the stadium and invited her to their catered, crazy after-party. It’s just how she is. She attracts people.

Yesterday she gave me a play-by-play of her trip, the game, security, her seat, the fans, Gaga, everything. Even though her beloved Cowboys weren’t in the game, her face lit up like a kid at Christmas as she told me about her good time.

Being a regular person football fan, getting to a Super Bowl is a dream. Something for the Bucket List. I was so happy Terry got to go. While some may say this is all just dumb luck, I think it’s a case of karma finally coming around in the right ways. Put good things out there into the universe, and good things will return to you.

Now I only hope that next year she gets to go to the big game again, maybe to see her Cowboys win it all.

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14 thoughts on “When Good Things Happen…

  1. What a wonderful story, Jess!!! It made me tear up a little. I happen to know someone who dressed head-to-toe Cowboys for the SuperBowl, too, but I bet that’s more common here in Texas ;-P Your Terry sounds like good people ❤

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