Today’s Daily Prompt from The Daily Post reads:

If bloggers had their own Halloween and could go from blog to blog collecting “treats,” what would your blog hand out?

You can see the prompt and other answers here.

After some careful thought, I decided that I would hand out coffee. You’d totally come visit if I left the porch light on and handed out coffee, right? Why coffee? Well, things are going to start getting crazy for a lot of us and I think we’ll all need a caffeine jolt. Here’s why:

  1. As much as we all like to believe that the holiday season starts with Black Friday and Thanksgiving, we all know that actually it starts the day after Halloween. The stores will start putting out Christmas decorations and playing holiday tunes and we’ll all start planning for Santa and dusting off shelves on which to sit that stupid Elf. With this extended holiday season comes stress and fatigue.  Wouldn’t a cup of coffee be nice?
  2. November is National Novel Writing Month! Many of us will be barfing out 50,000 words in the 30-day month. Caffeine is a necessity! Especially if you are kicking off at midnight tonight. Good luck to all the participants. (Just hours away and I’m still not sure if I can swing it, although I really want to. I’ll let you know what I decide.)
  3. If you’re out visiting all these blogs collecting “treats,” you’ll be tired and cranky and enjoying a steamy, hot cup of joe may help. You’ll feel like the energizer bunny as you go blog to blog. The more blogs you can cover, the more treats you’ll get. Drink up and hopalong!

So yes.  Coffee. You’re welcome!

Here, we’ve established our own Halloween tradition of hosting my parents and whichever friends decide to show. Tonight we ordered pizza and Joe grilled hamburgers and hot dogs (the weather was quite mild- in the 60’s). My neighborhood is perfect for trick-or-treating so people come from other neighborhoods to walk our streets. Needless to say, we stock up with a lot of candy. My boys dressed up as army men, in camo and helmets. My older son was thrilled that I bought him an actual (empty) grenade from the Army/Navy store. My little one with autism had difficulty with boundaries– he won’t say “trick or treat” but tends to grab for handfuls of candy and likes to walk into people’s houses, but we survived. Even Kiri Kai, our puppy, handled the craziness well. So proud of all of them!

Kiri Kai (6 months old). I still find it hard to get a decent picture of her.

Back at home, Joe carved our pumpkin and JC collected the seeds. M enjoyed squishing the pumpkin gook– a nice sensory activity for him (albeit, messy).  Afterwards I gave the boys a much needed bath, put them to bed, and now here I am. I thought about working, thought about writing, thought about reading, but instead indulged in a few minutes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I’m not sure why I picked that show except that I was too lazy to fire up Netflix and there wasn’t much on television that interested me. In the show, Kim was concerned about the paparazzi, especially in light of her pregnancy. The show did make them seem pretty aggressive in their pursuit of the very pregnant Kim, but I couldn’t muster up much pity.

Now I’ve moved onto Scandal and I’m typing this during commercials. As Fitz and Jake play basketball, I’m wondering how the President has so much free time. Phoebe from Friends, Lisa Kudrow, plays a Sarah Palin-type Congresswoman from Montana who wants to run for president. It’s nice to see Pheebs working in such a great role on such an awesome show.

Speaking of Presidents, I wonder if President Obama is flipping out over the IT problems with his health care website. What a bummer for him! Welcome to our world, Barry! Tech problems surely can ruin a day, right fellow working class drones?

So my mind wanders as it relaxes and lets the day go. As I sit here and think and write this post, I feel oddly at peace. All in all, I’ve had a pretty nice Halloween. I hope you all did too.

Our pumpkin.
Our pumpkin.

Have a nice night!

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt- Trick or Treat, and Halloween “Hi”

  1. If you decide to try for your 50,000 words, I promise to electronically encourage you as much as possible. If it comes to it, you can spend a few thousands words a week just wishing your characters were here to write the book. At the end, you’d have a novel about a novel-writer trying write a novel where the characters don’t share the burden by writing the novel as they’re supposed to. Too meta?


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  3. I’m in with the encouragement if you start writing, i might need it in return!
    My halloween was uneventful, i left the house so as not to have to worry about trick or treaters and went to visit my sister a mile down the road where we gossiped in our pjs while eating the sweets she bought trick or treaters which we both knew she would never get due to the isolation of her house. At 36 weeks pregnant i like her thinking.


  4. I would totally stop by for coffee! What a great idea! I had fun, dressed up as a witch and had a big cauldron that I pulled my bags of pretzels out of for the kids! We were out within an hour and a half – two hours. All I know is by 8 pm we had brought in all of the pumpkins and turned off the lights and I was peeling out of my costume! 🙂


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