Apologies, Random Comments, and a Shout Out to Sweetness

Hello, WordPress World!

Just a quick post with some random thoughts to share.

First, apologies for writing that dreadful (yet FICTIONAL people!) parenting post and then dropping you all like a hot potato! You may have been Waiting on a Word, but we’re Waiting on a Baby (my sister-in-law was due last Saturday and still we wait), and were Waiting on a Bunch of Television Shows!

(1)  Television:  For those who haven’t watched Breaking Bad yet, skip this paragraph. Spoiler Alert!  Okay? THANK YOU to Breaking Bad for keeping Jesse Pinkman alive and kicking! And for making an excellent series finale that tied up all loose ends and gave us closure. Kudos! Now onto The Walking Dead  in a couple of weeks.

Also, I’ve been Netflix binge watching Weeds and have added Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) to my “favorite female characters ever” list. If you can open your mind a bit to let in a suburban widow who deals pot to support her kids and her McMansion lifestyle, and you can let go of your ideas on good parenting for the sake of entertainment, you’ll love Weeds. Nancy’s a smart, honest, complex character who manages to survive and “succeed” all while maintaining her sex appeal and femininity. Kevin Nealon and Elizabeth Perkins also star, playing supporting quirky characters. The episodes are only twenty-something minutes and they fly by, so give it a try if you’re looking for something fun and smart.

(2) When Bloggers Meet:  This past weekend I met up with The Underground Writer in NYC for a playdate of sorts! TUW and I hooked up through blogging and started emailing each other a while back and became friends, and finally met in person under the clock in Grand Central Station. We ate lunch (Guess how much for our cheeseburgers and fries?  Answers below…) and walked Central Park all the way up to the Met. We practically sprinted through the Met (it’s huge and luckily neither of us are the read-all-the-descriptions type of museum-goers) and then headed back home. Turns out TUW is just as sweet in person as she is on her blog and her emails. We’re planning another outing in spring. Yay!

(3) Writing/Blogging Stuff:  Again, apologies that I’ve been off the grid. I haven’t been writing my own posts or keeping up with yours. I think I’m a couple of weeks behind on reading your posts. Besides my television-watching skills (balancing the remote on the armrest, training the dog to pee during commercials, etc.) I’ve been reading and writing outside of the WordPress world. I’m thinking of starting a NaNoWriMo project in November.  Anyone else giving this a shot? Anyone? Anyone? I linked you to the Wikipedia page for the challenge because their site is under maintenance at this moment (www.nanowrimo.org). The Challenge:  50,000 words in one month. Yes, it may be impossible, but the world won’t end if I can’t meet the challenge.  I just thought it would be fun to try.

Also, for those of you keeping score, I’m thinking of changing my idea for a weekly Magnificent Made Up Man of Monday post to a Magnificient Made-Up Man of the Month post. Once a week is way too ambitious for me. As promised, Lloyd Dobbler will be Mr. October. I thought I’d toss around the idea of maybe soliciting guest posts for Men of the Month from y’all? Anyone have a Magnificent Made Up Man they love and want to write about for the month of November who would like to post here? Email me or leave me a comment!

Finally, as to blogging stuff, I’ll be featuring a guest post from Kate over at Did That Just Happen this week. Her post is adorable, as is she, and after I confirm the details with her (I’m serious when I say I’ve been off the grid) I can’t wait to post it for you! I didn’t want it to be my first post after my hiatus though, so I thought I’d bore you with this dribble drabble before featuring her guest post. Keep a eye out!

(4) 50 Shades of Wuhhh???:  Now that the 50 Shades of Grey (E.L. James) movie is cast I thought I’d go back and read the first book again and post on it. MISTAKE. I’ll post more on this topic soon.

(5)  That Shout Out to Sweetness I mentioned: Everyone probably knows by now that one of my favorite bloggers is Sweetness over at Chronicles of a Public Transit User. As I mentioned above, I spent a great deal of time this past weekend on public transit and took some pictures with her in mind. Of course, my pics were with my crappy ass iPhone 4, while the pictures on her site are professional quality, but I thought I’d share nonetheless. 


Double Decker NJ Transit Train (I opted for the top level)
Double Decker NJ Transit Train (I opted for the top level)
The Conductor
The Conductor
Thank you, NJT!
Thank you, NJT!
Helpful tips scrolled during the ride.
Helpful tips scrolled during the ride…
...  okay! Thanks for that tip!
… okay! Thanks for that tip!
Penn Station NY
Penn Station NY
NYC Subway Map.  Oy!
NYC Subway Map. Oy!
Grand Central NY
Grand Central NY
Inside Grand Central
Inside Grand Central
Brooklyn Diner (random  passerby in front)
Brooklyn Diner (random passerby in front)
Guess how much the burgers were?  (Jeopardy Tune plays)... Answer:  "What is $18.95-- each!" Welcome to NYC!
Guess how much the burgers were? (Jeopardy Tune plays)… Answer: “What is $18.95– each!” Welcome to NYC! It was really good though.

Pictures in Central Park, NYC:


Bubble guy
Bubble guy
Yep, we rode the Carousel!
Yep, we rode the Carousel!



The Met (that may or may not be a cameo by TUW!)
The Met (that may or may not be a cameo by TUW!)

Thanks for reading and have a nice night!

22 thoughts on “Apologies, Random Comments, and a Shout Out to Sweetness

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  1. I love blogger-meets-blogger stories, particular when both turn out to be as cool in person as in the blog.

    NaNoWriMo? I’ve been thinking about that. The length seems doable if I can break the 800-word barrier where I start boring myself. What happens the next month? NaNoEdMo? Secretly, I’m a little afraid of hating what I write … the worst excuse to not do it.


  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun. The cost of a burger in Toronto is roughly the same. Crazy, eh? And isn’t it great meeting bloggers from far and wide to enjoy a chat or two? Love those moments!


  3. i secretly or not so secretly love these random posts you do.
    I’ve thought about watching weeds since watching orange is the new black which is by the same person. well now that breaking bad has finished, in fine style I agree, very happy Jesse survived. Anyway, point is i’ll try weeds on your recommendation.
    bye for now


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