Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is to show “Nostalgic.” You can see the post here. I thought books, especially old books like this set on our shelf, would work.


Have a nice weekend!


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  7. I can see how one would get nostalgic looking on a the books.

    I remember how my parents and * used to go to my cousin’s house near Niagara Falls in the summer time. I must have been twelve or thirteen. The grownups hung out upstairs while I spent hours downstairs in the basement reading their set of encyclopedias. To this day, I still owe a lot of my trivia knowledge to those evenings reading about tornadoes, the mob and WWII history.

    So, yeah, your pic of the encyclopedias is incredibly nostalgic!


  8. If I were more together I would upload a picture of the esprit socks I am wearing today. Orange stripes with green boxes filled with each esprit letter. I got them in 1987. Hard to believe I still have them – and that they still look so good. They have gone with me to some really fun places. Feeling so nostalgic.
    I also wish I had taken a pic of the floral sneakers I saw in the aeropostale last week that look exactly like a pair I had in 1983ish. I guess one runs out of original ideas after so long. Still, it took me back to some fun memories.


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