It’s awards season in Blogtropolis!

I’ve just been honored with the “Beautiful Blogger Award” by the lovely Factory Maid.  If you have a minute to check out her blog, you’ll find it worth your time.  The Factory Maid is an adorable Brazilian-born twenty-something, who unfortunately struggled with eating disorders and an unstable childhood and young adulthood, but who has since worked on herself with the help of therapy, and is living a happy, healthy life.  She is a success as well as a success story.  Speaking of stories, besides her regular posts, her blog features wonderful samples of her writing, including book chapters and a short story (“I wouldn’t say we were in love.  That takes two people intertwined in each other.  Not just one quiet boy wrapped around her.”  Read more here!).

Thank you for the nomination, Factory Maid!  I look forward to reading more about you and your journey!

The Beautiful Blogger Award!

The Rules:

(1) Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.  (Check!)

(2) Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.  (Check!)

(3) Tell 7 things about yourself.

(4) Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.

Seven Things About Jess (not previously disclosed, and not so interesting):

  1. I don’t eat fish, seafood, or anything that was ever in the ocean.  In fact, I prefer not to set foot in the ocean, yet enjoy the beach.
  2. I wore braces for five years.  FIVE YEARS.  I hated them and despite my mother’s prediction to the contrary, I have never thanked her for my straight teeth.  I must admit that the reason my orthodontia took so long to complete was because I was “uncooperative”– it said so in red ink on my chart.
  3. I skipped my junior prom opting instead to see Rob Base perform at a local club.  Sing along:  “It takes two to make a thing go right…. it takes two to make it outta sight…”  I have never regretted this decision.  I know you’re jealous.
  4. Have I mentioned that I’m a Blue Hen?  University of Delaware, oh yeah!  Speaking of seeing performers at local clubs (see fact number 3), while I was at U of D, Marky Mark and his Funky Bunch were scheduled to perform at a popular bar.  So psyched to see Marky Mark live, I bought tickets for my roommates and me, and almost cried when the performance was cancelled.  Under Delaware law, Marky Mark wasn’t allowed to perform at the bar.  He wasn’t twenty-one!  Bah-ha-ha!  True story.
  5. My brother maced me once.  Yes, mace- that chemical tear gas spray that Dads made Daughters carry for protection.  In his defense, the spraying was an accident involving alcohol.  Chemical sprays and drunks don’t really mix.  I’ve chalked it up to a “valuable life experience.”  Hurt like hell.
  6. My first car was a Chevy Chevette.  Within a month of getting my driver’s license, I rear-ended a Cadillac in Jersey highway stop-and-go traffic.  Although my car’s front end smashed up like an accordion and the Cadillac looked untouched, its owner (who happened to be a mom of a classmate) had her whole car repainted courtesy of my car insurance company.
  7. I’m incredibly, unbelievably horrible at videogames.  My nine-year-old’s ability to remember each button’s purpose and steadily walk Sonic over a balance beam amazes me.  Starting way back in the 80’s with Atari, I’ve had a mental block when it comes to these games.

Okay!  Now you know even more  about me.  Did I scare you away?  I hope not.  Onto the nominees!

Now guys, I know you are all beautiful and that I shouldn’t gender-discriminate here, but I just felt deep down that beautiful blogger nominees should be women.  It’s wrong I know.  I’m sorry.  Maybe I’m in a mood…

Here are my Beautiful nominees:

  1. mommy&everything– mommy&everything is a blog by my sister from another mister, fellow Blue Hen, BFF, and mother of my godson, who loves the fun stuff in life, including lip gloss, coffee, and celebrity gossip, but appreciates life’s tough parts too.  She blogs about her four boys, her job, her friends (me included!), and her son’s autism diagnosis.  Here’s one of my favorite posts, concerning her special needs son.
  2. Telling New Stories– Telling New Stories is a blog by my other sister from another mister, my writing partner, my unofficial life coach, and awesomesauce friend who started her blog as a step to a new start for herself, and to explore her love of writing and Story.  She’s new so she could use a few more followers.  Give her a try!  Here’s my favorite post about the choices we make in life.
  3. The Underground Writer– my newest friend blogs about bumper stickers and bathing suit shopping, and in her spare time takes care of her kids and writes novels and short stories!  Here’s my favorite post called:  “Jerks- Just To Make It Interesting.”  Enjoy!
  4. Oh, Racheve!  She’s blogging the last year of her twenties.  I know, fellow old folks, 29!  But she’s super adorable, from the UK, thinks I’m nuts for not liking British television, but recommended an awesome show to me (The Inbetweeners- which I love!  Thanks, Racheve!).  Here’s a cute post about a Facebook mishap that connected her with a mysterious stranger.
  5. CC Fowler at centraljerseyworkingmoms– She’s doing the juggling act with family, work, and kids, yet still manages to find time to do crafts, lead the Girl Scouts, run the PTO, and keep up with her social media addictions.  Here’s her take on the recent “work from home” controversy.  Enjoy!
  6. Lemons, Love & Pink– She’s crafty, she loves to cook, and she’s a great mom!  Here’s a post with a recipe for a natural tea tree oil cleanser.  You’ll love her positive outlook on life.
  7. Ravenspen-Another newbie, Ravenspen writes about balancing writing and working.  She’s just getting started, but here’s a nice post she wrote about Reading the Classics!

Nominees.  Don’t get discouraged by my detailed nominations.  I know I went a bit overboard here, but I got a little excited about being labeled a “Beautiful Blogger.”

Congrats and Enjoy!

26 thoughts on “I Feel Pretty!

  1. Congratulations! You deserve all this good stuff. Want proof? You went to the effort to tell all your readers what you like about each blog you nominated. That’s so great!

    As you receive good stuff, you give it back as much or more.

    Yay Jess!


    1. I learned from the best (you), when you wrote your nice post about me. You are like my awesomesauce blogging mentor. Thanks for the kind words.


  2. Hey, thanks so much for my nomination 🙂 and the lovely things you said about me!! Congrats to you for yours!!
    I will get round to responding and forwarding my own nominations but it’ll have to wait until tonight (i’m at work ssh)


    1. Thanks! I really do like the inbetweeners. I am going to try and use “wanker” and “piss off” in my everyday life here in the states. 🙂


      1. ha ha, yes I’ve noticed that ‘wanker’ doest make much of an appearance on American TV, it’s used a little to frequently here!! I’d be interested in people reaction to you. I don’t think I could get through a day without being pissed off with someone.


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