Good morning, my loves.
Get dressed, eat breakfast, wash up.
Time to go to school.

We’re gonna be late.
Why isn’t your book bag packed?
My keys are missing.

Dear God in Heaven,
I’m running low on patience.
Please send me some-NOW!

Work, work, and more work.
Time for a cup of coffee.
Now I’ll check the news.

Lottery Spirits,
I need a vacation, please.
Send me a winner.

What’s for dinner, dear?
I don’t know. What did you cook?
Let’s order pizza!

Good night my sweet boys.
It’s time to go to bed now.
See ya tomorrow!

Husband I love you!
Let’s talk about life and love!
But the Knicks are on.

Pay me attention.
Remember our honeymoon?
But the Knicks, honey!

Oh those stupid Knicks!
I hate their squeaky sneakers.
Tell me you love me.

I love you, honey.
Don’t you want to write tonight?
The Knicks are winning.

I’ll go to sleep now.
I hear the bed calling me.
Jess! Come close your eyes.

My Tempur-Pedic!
It’s always so welcoming.
Best. Purchase. Ever.

I speak in Haiku.
I can’t seem to stop myself.
It flows so nicely.

Oh my lord help me.
Haiku dominates my thoughts!
I’m its prisoner!

I’ll end this post now.
It’s getting way out of hand.
Bye, Blogtropolis.

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