As I procrastinated on my twitter account this morning, Kerry Washington popped up, and it dawned on me that Scandal returns tomorrow night on ABC! YES! Olivia! Fitz! Mellie! So psyched and so happy to award Scandal the premiere post of Waiting on a Word’s What to Watch.

I love Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). I want to be her. I’m not kidding. She’s beautiful. She’s brilliant. She’s got a kick-ass wardrobe. She’s got a crisis management firm. She’s got the President. Well, sort of. He’s married to someone else, and now he’s in a coma . . . but still. They are soul mates. Star-crossed lovers (okay, they worked together on his campaign where they fooled around and fell in love- can they still be “star-crossed”? I like the way that sounds), putting their own feelings aside for the good of the nation. What’s more romantic than that? Fitz and Olivia for-EVER, Blogtropolis.

Fitz. Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III (Tony Goldwyn). He’s cute (he was the bad guy in “Ghost” for you fellow old folks out there). He’s kinda smart. He’s definitely moody and brooding. He spends most of his days thinking about Olivia, and I’m fine with that, them being soul mates and all. The country practically runs itself anyway, right people?

Mellie. The First Lady. In all honesty, I think we can admit that Mellie (Bellamy Young) would probably make the best president out of the lot of them. She’s Serious with a capital “s” about politics. She’s got the eye of the tiger and the brains and evilness to back it up. She also has a full uterus. She’s carrying “America’s Baby,” and she’s LOVED by the public.

And let’s talk Huck. Possibly my favorite character who isn’t Olivia Pope. To say Huck (Guillermo Diaz) is complex is putting it mildly. Huck’s a former spy who now does Olivia’s dirty work. He’s got the issues. He’s weird. He’s smart. He’s socially dysfunctional. He’s a bit spooky and creepy. Yet somehow you can tell that he’s a good person underneath the Bonkers.

Toss in a puppet-master Chief of Staff, an uber-conservative VP currently acting as President, a reporter uncovering a voting fix conspiracy (did I mention the reporter is married to the Chief of Staff?), a zealous and somewhat obsessive Assistant United States Attorney, a terminally-ill and crooked Supreme Court Justice, and a red-headed sorta cray-cray investigator who works for Olivia, and you got yourself a DRAMA!

Trust me. It’s good. Watch! Catch up on ABC player or on Do it. You won’t regret it.

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