Hello again! I’m baaccckkkk.

Last night as I lay awake in bed thinking about my new blog, I realized that part of my fear in getting this up and running was my indecision about what I wanted to blog about. As I wondered what I needed to say and wanted to share on this blog, I pictured my friend N., an experienced blogger, and my friend A., a writer, advising me that I need to have a purpose. “But what’s your theme?” I imagined them asking. “All blogs have a theme.”

Since I created this page in July, pondering what part of my life to share, I just couldn’t commit to a category or theme. Then it dawned on me. Guess what, world? I don’t want to have a theme. I don’t want to be categorized into a certain “blogosphere.” I want to write about whatever I damn well please. So there! (Can you picture me sticking my tongue out at you?). Someday, I’ll actually invite someone to follow me (imagine that!) and when they ask me what I’m blogging about I’m going to say, “Nothing! It’s a blog about nothing!” Jerry Seinfeld made one of the greatest television shows ever about “nothing.” Who says I need to have a theme? [And as an aside, I’ve decided to call the global blog audience “Blogtropolis,” as opposed to the “Blogosphere.” “Blogtropolis” sounds way more awesome to me.]

Okay, technically, I guess my posts will have to be about something. I wouldn’t waste your time with actual nothingness. But I’m declaring myself Blogtropolis’s Rebel Blogger and I am LOVING the freedom I already feel from not tethering myself to a topic. Call me crazy! Call me nutty! Call me maybe! Cue the music! Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell pounds in my head as I type to the beat … “Last night a little dancer, came dancing to my door…..” I’m gonna rock this blog how I wanna rock it!  Breaking all the rules, people! (“In the midnight hour…she cried more, more, more ….“). Rebel Blogging! A new extreme sport!

Taking deep breaths … Getting the fingers away from the exclamation point … Okay, I’m calm now.

I know what you’re thinking. How are readers going to find me? How will I gain followers? I need a theme, a category, a place where my blog can live and thrive and be searched for and found. That’s probably Page One in the Big Book of Blogging which I refuse to buy.  I admit that the blogs I follow are categorized: writing blogs, self-help blogs, a finance blog, a fashion blog, a mommy blog. But when I really think about it, I read these blogs because I enjoy the writing, and it makes me feel like part of somebody else’s world. Somebody who caught my attention somehow. Fashion? Money? I have no fashion sense and even less money. But I love these blogs, regardless. They make me happy.

That’s what I want to do. Make people happy to see my posts pop up in their emails.  Eventually, I’d love to have you waiting on my words.

Quite frankly, I guess having “stats” would be nice, but I like writing for the sake of writing. In writing freely, I reveal myself. My whole self.  Not just one passion or interested. Hopefully people want to read what I write. If not, then that’s fine. I’m going to start doing this for me. I’d sure love to drag you along for the ride though…..

In celebration of blogging rebellion, I’ve changed my tagline from the dorky “Sharing my Stories,” to the way sweeter “Blogger Without a Cause.” I’m tricking myself into thinking I’m the only one with this tagline, so please indulge me.

Two posts! Zero readers! I’m on a ROLL, Blogtropolis!!! Woo Hoo.

3 thoughts on “Uncategorized

  1. I like your uncategorized approach. You are doing it for the pure joy of it, not necessarily trying to get somewhere or fit into some trend. It’s for you, and that’s the best reason to show up here.


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