Hello, 2013!

I made a New Year’s resolution that I would figure out something to say on this aptly-titled “Waiting on a Word” blog, and you know what?  I have no clue.  No clue how to write a blog, no clue where to start, no idea what to say.  Back in July when I created this page, I had an idea to try and write a story a day.  Nothing huge, but maybe a paragraph or two, or a page or so, of something decent to hopefully entertain and to keep my creative juices flowing.  Anyway, I’ve since changed my mind about that.  Committing to a story a day seems ambitious–especially considering it has taken me from July until now to write even one post.

The truth?  I like to write, but sharing with you makes me nervous.  I’m trying to conquer that fear.

I recently started reading On Writing by Stephen King.  In the First Foreword he reveals that in the early nineties, he played rhythm guitar in a music group that he joined consisting of authors (Barbara Kingsolver on keyboards–wow!).  He writes that the group enjoyed talking about their “day job” of writing, noting:  “We are writers, and we never ask one another where we get our ideas; we know we don’t know.”

I don’t know where my ideas will come from, or if I will ever even have another one, never mind a decent one.  I’m sort of winging it here.  My hope is that these words I’m waiting on will magically reveal themselves to me and I’ll have something to share.

Thanks for reading.  I hope I write more, and I hope you read more.

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