Today I happened upon an old email in my Lotus Archives and remembered this funny kid story and thought I’d share.

About five years ago, my then-five-year-old, JC, loved to watch a television show called “How It’s Made.” I think it was on the Discovery Channel (it may still be). He loved the episodes showing how coffee is made, how pencils are made, and his favorite, how tape measures are made. He watched these shows, which we had recorded for him, over and over and over becoming an expert on the topics. That tape measure episode? We must have watched it hundreds of times, no joke.

Most of the children’s networks that the kids watched didn’t have commercials, so while JC watched this show, on regular cable, we tried to remember to fast forward through commercials. However, sometimes we were busy or just forgot.

One of the sponsors of “How It’s Made” was Viagra.

Back in the day, Viagra commercials portrayed a smiling, mature couple dancing and swimming, mountain climbing, vacationing, whatever, to a catchy tune. Doop-doo-do, do-do-do doop! The tune was as happy as the couple! Joe and I realized that JC watched the commercials but since they were rather innocuous, we didn’t think too hard about it. JC could benefit from watching gleaming old people dance around to fun music, right?

Then we got this email from JC’s preschool teacher:

Hi Jessica!

Haven’t written you with a FUNNY in a while so here it is….JC just
asked Kolette to play Viagra with him! Of course Deb [the assistant teacher] almost spit her soda
down the front of her shirt! I asked him if Viagra was a car and he said it was
something to make you feel better. Kolette had brought in Star Wars figures
and JC got one and said, “Hi, my name is Viagra”. We are trying not to
acknowledge it and hope he picks another character like Darth Vader or
something. Hope you’re having good day!

Yep. That’s my boy. Poor Kolette! I wonder if she went home and told her mom that she played Viagra with JC at school that day! Upon further conversation with the teacher, we learned that JC hummed the Viagra tune and tried to dance with Kolette, copying the couple in the commercial.

Ah, kids!

Hope you enjoyed! Have a nice night.

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